Great seeing you today A Club!

Assalamu Allaykum students!

It was a pleasure seeing you all today, though I wish I’d had time to catch up with your news.

Hope you enjoyed Tr. Heifa’s great video of last year. We certainly had  a lot fun, alhamdullillah! I hope all your years will be full of learning and discovery.

Some of you said you’d like me to keep posting here. I do see some interesting articles/ websites that you might like, so whenever I can, I’ll post. For those who don’t want to keep receiving these emails, just post a comment asking to be unsubscribed and I’ll do so.

As for the media club, still hoping to get it started. Teacher Kherta and I are working on it!

Best wishes.  For students like Fatema J. who are reading this from far away :  ) you can email me at an account I still have: abraar.teacher[@] with your address and I will try to mail you the cd of last year. (Remove the brackets around the @ sign).

Former Abraar students who are reading this, also feel free to email me or contact the school directly to arrange picking up your cd  : ) Tr. Kherta has the extras.

Best wishes to everyone,

Tr. Amira


Have a wonderful school year A Club!


Dear A Club!

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful first day of school tomorrow! Hope you all had a fantastic summer and beautiful Ramadan!

This year I won’t be teaching at Abraar School, but insha’Allah I’ll be around  to help out with

the school’s media club.

So hope to see you all again!

Best wishes and have a terrific year!

Tr. Amira

Ramadan Kareem A Club!

Reading List for kids/ all ages

click on the link below for an extensive list! Happy Reading!

School’s Out! Have a great summer!

Assalamu AllaykumA Club students!

Well, it’s all over isn’t it? Summer is officially on!

There is lots to do in Ottawa, so don’t let the summer doldrums get you down!

I’ll also be posting websites, etc., and summer reading lists!

So take it easy, have fun, and keep in touch.

Thanks for a great year!

-Tr. Amira

p.s. Here’s a great event, happening today!

Communication Skills – Grade 5 / Social Studies Grade Six

Practice makes perfect!

Homework for Thursday :  )   You’re not the A Club for nothing!

p. 62 – 64




Social Studies Grade Six

Complete the UN questions.


Tr. Amira

Check out this 3-D printer Grade 6 inventors!


Come to school on Friday : ) please & thank you!

Assalamu Allaykum Dear students!

Every one who is able to come to the END OF YEAR celebration, please be sure to attend school tomorrow insha’Allah even though it’s an early dismissal at 12:30 p.m.

Tomorrow is IMPORTANT to practice for the celebration.

Insha’Allah both fifth & sixth graders will be performing on Saturday (please arrive at 10 a.m. with costumes/ props as requested).

For those students who cannot come on Friday, please confirm with me below if you will NOT be attending and you haven’t already informed me.

Looking forward to a great show insha’Allah!

-Tr. Amira

End-of-year Celebration

Assalamu Allaykum Respected Parents,

Elhamdullilah the end of year celebration is upon us and I would like to confirm if your son/daughter will be able to attend the event which will take place on Saturday, June 23 at 10 a.m. insha’Allah.

Please send me a note if your son/daughter will NOT be able to attend for any reason so that we can take this into account. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your constant support.

Tr. Amira

Homework (5 & 6)

Grade 5 Assignment

Complete third draft of the Cay for Wednesday.

If you have not received it yet, see Tr. Amira on Monday.

Grade 6 Assignment – Selling our product abroad: Step 5 

Find out the currency where your headquarters are based.

Convert one unit of that currency into one unit of the currency in the country you are selling to.

Set a price for your product using both currencies.

Due Monday!