Useful article for parents!

10 Ways to Raise a Successful Leader

By Sally Sacks, M.Ed

How can you raise a leader? Follow these ten simple steps.

  1. Lead by example. Remember you won’t always be the best example, because you are human, but admit mistakes and always keep your responsibility within your awareness.
  2. Take charge of things in your life and let your child see you doing this. Work hard, set goals for yourself and follow them. Encourage your child to identify goals and help him/her to attain them.
  3. Sponsor activities that your child likes, and give them credit for their knowledge of how to do something. Ask them to teach you something they know and you don’t, like beading, knitting, playing an Xbox game, etc.
  4. Encourage their input into ideas. Ask them what they think about a news event, or a topic of discussion. Allow them to express their point of view, even if it differs from yours.
  5. Give them chores/projects to do that make them feel good about their accomplishments. Maybe they can learn to make a soup for dinner, or clean an area of the house, and arrange a room as they would like it. Praise them for their efforts.
  6. Let them make decisions about dinner, what they’d like to do on the weekend, where they might like to vacation.
  7. Show them how you take charge of situations. If you’re bored, you create something to do. If you are short money you take action to do something about it. You do not let situations bowl you over and render you helpless.
  8. Teach your children how to think positively. Teach them how thinking can get negative, and how to insert positive thinking into their mind immediately. This is a skill they will have, and need forever.
  9. Show passion, courage and bravery in your own life.
  10. Encourage freedom in themselves, to be and express who they are and allow others to do the same, when not putting someone else in harm’s way.

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