Grade 8 Art

Grade 8 Art – Read, watch, reflect.

With our focus on trees, the following is a real-life scenario of what happens when development and forest conservation come head to head.

Kanata’s Beaver Pond and surrounding forest has been at risk of development for several years now. Already Terry Fox Drive expansion has meant that many important trees and forest growth has been cut down.

But the fear is that the more will be cut down to make way for homes.

The tree above is located in Beaver Pond Forest, Kanata.

Watch the videos to understand the issues:

The latest news:


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  1. I really hope that the Wetlands forest near Beaver Pond is saved. Imagine all those creatures and plants destroyed, the pollution in the water caused, and green house gasses released. That could cause serios devestation to the over all health of Ottawa’s enviroment!

  2. I think that, as this is one of the only forests in ottawa, it deserves to be not only saved but it should be protected and even expanded!
    already so much of it has been cut down for terry fox drive,and since its a road so many cars will be driving through it and releasing gas into it and messing around withits enviroment, I think that was too much but now they are planing to cut it all down!!
    I think that we all should be trying to help out, now more than ever.

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