Grade 6 LA Homewok; Grade 8 Art Homework; Note about Teacher’s Night

Grade 6 Homework

LA-Spoken Word Poetry #1 for Friday

Communications Skills workbook – pages 6 – 11 (which students started in class today)


Grade 8 Homework

Blandings turtles live in Beaver Bond and are threatened by the possible clear-cutting in the area, as are many species, as you watched  in your recent homework.

Thanks for your reflections. Now it’s time to hink of a statement using 4-6 words that expresses your feelings, and what you want others to think about the threat to the Beaver Pond. Due Tuesday, October 4th.


Teacher’s Night

Assalamu Allaykum Parents & Students!

As you know, Friday night is Teacher’s Night – and I’ll be very pleased to see as many of you who can make it, insha’Allah.

Please note that the evening is an opportunity to see your son/daughter’s classroom, textbooks, long-range plans, and of course to touch base with their teachers.

As usual, teachers will not be able to speak about any student-specific info. like how your son/daughter is doing in any detail. However, if you ever have any concerns, or vise versa, we are all one email or one phone call away.

Insha’Allah the evening will begin promptly at 6 p.m. so if you can be there on time, you will benefit from the Principal’s address, which will include relevant information for your son/daughter’s academic year. However, circumstances may delay some parents or prevent others from coming, so we hope to keep everyone updated through the many newsletters, and this blog, insha’Allah. Again don’t be shy to ask questions at any time.

– Tr. Amira





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