Grade 5 October Newsletter


Grade 5 – Teacher Amira

6 Dhul’ Qada 1432

Dear Students and Families,  Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

It’s been delightful getting to know this year’s fifth grade students, otherwise known now as the A-Club! We have spent the first month learning important rules and routines.  It promises to be a fun-filled year full of lots of discovery, insha’Allah!  Special thanks to all those parents who were able to attend our Teacher’s Night. I look forward to meeting those whose circumstances prevented them from attending.


 Language:  We started the school year with the Grade 4 End-of-Year Writing Task from the Ontario Ministry of Education.  I used the task to determine the students’ abilities based on last year’s learning. From there, I was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses, and to begin to plan lessons around the abilities and requirements of the class. 

We are fortunate this year for having access to an updated and ministry-approved Literacy curriculum from Pearson Canada.  This guide includes brand new student books for in-class use that will help to teach students relevant concepts, insha’Allah, and represents the school’s ongoing commitment to high-quality instruction in the key areas of literacy.

We are reading from a wonderful book called “Noble Brother” which has set the Prophet’s life story (may peace be upon him) to poetry.  The students are enjoying reading and listening from this book. 

Social Studies: We have embarked on our social studies unit on Government that will offer students the opportunity to “earn” citizenship badges. This means students will be encouraged to embark on a wide variety of activities and initiatives towards learning about citizenship. So far, they have voted in the school’s student election – after grilling the candidates during the speech campaigns – and they have written about Canada without laws to realize the importance of government.  We will be marking Local Government Week later in October, and certainly, students will be convincing parents to exercise their civic duty in voting in the Provincial Election on October 6th.

Islamic Studies:  We have learned about the three types of Tawheed, and the various benefits of this critical Islamic concept. The students have greatly enjoyed the process of taking detailed notes of the textbook material, preparing for our regular Quiz Shows where students are divided into teams and are required to use only their notes to respond to questions about the material.  We have also received workbooks which will help cement knowledge, insha’Allah. We have already begun studying Chapter 2 in the textbook which will examine the Ninety-Nine names of Allah Subhana’wa Taala.

Art: Inspired by the famous Canadian artist, Emily Carr, we have used different tools to express the beauty of trees in our first Art unit.  We have made chalk drawings of landscapes, gone outside to sketch our favourite trees, as well as painted large posters in groups in order to work together for a common artistic goal.  We will explore other themes and topics as well.


Math: We have started the Number Sense and Numeration unit. I decided to teach this unit in two terms,  insha’Allah. In the first term we will cover the sections of chapters 2, 4, and 6 that relates to whole numbers. Then in the second term we will revisit these chapters to talk about decimal numbers. So far during the past month of September we finished Chapter 2 and are almost done with Chapter 4. Please make sure that your child does all assigned homework to maximize the benefit. – Tr.Heifa

Science:  In science we started on the unit “Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms”. In this unit students learn about the different types of forces, their uses and their impact on structures and mechanisms around us. Please help your child to keep track of the new science vocabulary as this will help them during assessment. – Tr.Heifa

Subject Teachers

Qur’an:  We reviewed all the previous surahs learned in Grade 4. We then started memorizing Surat Al Jinn. The students are enjoying the class and insha’Allah we’ll have a successful year. This month, the best reciters are Yumna and Abed.  –Tr. Samia

French:  In French, we have started a new curriculum ” Aim Language”. For September we worked mainly on our oral communication skills and specifically on acquiring and using  as much french vocabulary  in authentic classroom context. We are reinforcing the  “Je parle seulement en Français” rule to encourage the expression in French language. Alhamdullilah, so far students are using more French in class and expressing themselves with complete sentences. We will be starting our first story “Un jour bizarre” and we will have the opportunity to act out the play which will enable students to gain confidence in speaking French. Jazakum Allah for your support and cooperation. Mme Amina

Arabic as a second language: Welcome back to a new year every one, we are looking forward to a suuccessful Arabic year together Insha’Allah. Students learned a new poem titled “My Mother” and a lesson related to the same topic, new vocabulary, and how to read and write new sentences. In grammar, students reviewed the Verb/ Noun/ Letter and they picked them from a given paragraph. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your efforts.  – Tr.Hoda

Fluent Arabic speakers:  During the past month we reviewed grammar and had a new lesson on ‘Sentence Parts’. In reading we took two lessons and we had many activities related to them. The students also did dictation and wrote a composition. – Tr.Amal

 Congratulations to the Students of the Month (Respect):

Mohammed R., Maha, & Zackarya.

Next month, the theme will be “Caring”.

FIELD TRIPS NEED YOU! Please consider volunteering for our upcoming field trips!

******************If you would like a hard-copy of this newsletter, please indicate in your son/daughter’s agenda ******************** 

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran, and may your days be full of remembrance and gratefulness to our Creator!  


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