Grade 5 & 6 Homework + Today’s field trip (Gr. 5 & 8)

Homework for Fifth Graders:

– By Friday: Share your reflections about today’s field trip with parents. Parents sign the journals.

– By Friday: Prepare your brochure on why people should vote (in time for today’s election!) and bring to school tomorrow for an assessment of how much you know about the responsibilities of provincial governments (refer to worksheets!).

– By Tuesday:  Islamic Studies workbook p. 8 & 9

 Homework for Sixth Graders:

By Tuesday:  Communication Skills workbook – p. 12 – 15

By Friday : Complete Social Studies worksheets on Aboriginals

Spoken word recordings on Friday insha’Allah!

 Today’s Field Trip:

Assalamu Allaykum students and parents,

I’ll leave the description of today’s field trip to the students to share with you tonight.  All I can say is el hamdullilah  for our amazing  tour guides, Martha, Kurtis, Andrea and Jane! They made the forest come to life!

Thanks as well to our wonderful volunteers, Srs. Amira, Salha, Nour, & Sobia for coming with the fifth graders to share the wonders of nature, and to understand the potential clearcutting of the South March Highlands.

Finally, thanks to all of you for supporting the trip, and to those of you who donated to the legal fund to help grant protection status to the area.  This is a subject the students will continue to explore in Language Arts, Social Studies. As the students discovered, being in a forest even relates to the Names of Allah Subhan’wa Taala which we are learning, too.

Insha’Allah,  I will try to email photographs to the students for home viewing shortly.

-Tr. Amira

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