Grade 6 students – Your turn to blog about the field trip

So Grade 6 students will be blogging on the A-Club blog this weekend! They are to go to the comment section at the bottom of this page and click on “leave a comment”, or simply “comments” and write up the following:

Title of your choice (about the Field Trip)*


First paragraph

 Second paragraph

(more paragraphs are optional)


– your first name and first initial of last name (eg. Teacher Amira E.)

Then hit “post comment” and I will moderate it, or at times, it automatically gets posted, so be sure to check for:

main idea + supporting details in every paragraph

punctuation and spelling

descriptive writing (lots of adjectives and action verbs)

Have fun and enjoy your weekend. Looking forward to reading your work and sharing it with everyone!

p.s. here is a website where you can see parts of Canada from space (remember those cool satellites!!)

and!!! cool science games:

And finally, some information about our field trip:

National Science and Technology Week

October 14-23, 2011

National Science and Technology Week

Canada’s National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) is a celebration of the significance of Canada’s science and technology history, the importance of science and technology in today’s world, and Canada’s ongoing role as a world leader in innovation.

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is the national coordinator of NSTW.

Come celebrate science and technology with over 100 organizations and thousands of Canadians from October 14th to 23rd! We invite you to join the activities, or even host an event that promotes science and technology in your community.

Together we can create diverse opportunities for Canadians to learn about the science in the world around them, and inspire youth to consider careers in science and technology.


– Tr. Amira


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  1. Field Trip

    We went to the Booth Street Complex. The first thing we did there was go to a remote sense workshop. We learned about satellites,how they get satellites into space and we got to see pictures taken from satellites. The man showed us how to identify the things you see in the satellite pictures and at the end we did an activity where we had to name the things you see in a picture taken form a satellite.

    The second workshop was about *Aboriginals. The lady told us about the different tribes and their cultures. She sang *three songs using different Native insturments and told us *two stories, one about the constellation, the big bear (the big dipper) and how birds got their song. She also told us that when *Aboriginals hunt they only take what they need and try to use as much parts as possible. Also we got to touch a deer foot and deer skin.

    This field trip was fun.

  2. *Field Trip

    *Our field trip was about Remote Sensing and Aboriginals. It was at the Booth Street Complex.

    *The first workshop was about Remote Sensing.The presentor talked about Canadian built *satellites and spy *satellites.Did you know *one *satellite is as big as a school bus and can cost half a billion dollars? Canada builds one of the best *satellites in the world.At the end of the workshop the man who was leading it gave us a worksheet.It had a picture which *satellites took and there were arrows and we had to guess what each one was pointing at.

    *The second workshop was about Aboriginals.The presentor sang us songs with different instruments and she also told us *two stories which were legends. She told us about different nations and how they lived.But the coolest part was that we actually got to touch real deer foot which they used like a hammer.

    *Going to the Booth Street Complex and learning about Remote Sensing and Aboriginals was really, really fun.

  3. For our field trip,* we went to Booth St.

    *We had *two presentations. The first presentation was about Remote Sensing. We learned how satellites are built and what they do. After that, we did a worksheet with our groups.

    Next we went to a presentation about *Aboriginals. We learned about the tools they would use like a deer foot as a hammer, deer hide as clothing and caribou hide as *Moccasins. The presenter read us *two legends that the *Aboriginals used to believe in.


  4. Grade 6 Fieldtrip

    We, grade six, went to a fieldtrip to Booth Street complex for the National Science and Technology week. We had two presentations. We learned about the Aboriginals, and at another workshop we learned about remote sensing.

    First we went to the remote sensing workshop. We learned about satellites, gravity and rockets. There we learned how satellites are sent to space and satellite imagery. We also learned how rockets travel. Then we were passed out worksheets about satellite imagery of the earth. It was neat.

    *I learned three new important things. First of all, I learned that the earth isn’t perfectly round. It is slightly wide in the center. I also learned that if you want to build a rocket*, you need a few parts*: a satellite, a backup and a machine on earth that may help you be able to fix an error. Last but not least, I learned that Canada has one of the best satellites*, and we have the biggest diamond mine!

    Next we went to the Aboriginal workshop. The room was decorated with objects of the Aboriginal culture and belief. There was a dream catcher, food that the Aboriginals would eat and much more. The room was a sacred room where they would do ceremonies, so we had to take our shoes off. That was one of their rules.

    *The lady was dressed up as an Aboriginal with traditional garment. She told us a few legends and songs that the Aboriginals would sing. We learned about the Aboriginal people’s life style. We got to touch a turtle’s shell, the deer leg and the deer hide. They were very interesting. I learned was that the leg of the animal was used as a hammer since their hooves were very hard.

    This fieldtrip has given me a better understanding of the Aboriginals and interest in remote sensing. This fieldtrip was fun and *educational. I enjoyed it very much.

  5. The Grade 6 Field *Trip:

    As you know,* on October,20 2011, we had a field trip to a *government building on Booth Street for *two workshops: 1.Flight 2.The Natives.

    We met a person that used to be the manager of some stations,he is also an engineer and has built some parts of a rocket!!
    He talked to us about how the rocket works,its parts,the speed,what are the benefits….*it was *really *interesting!!!

    *In *conclusion,we had a lot of fun and learned a* lot of new things *about Rockets and Natives.I wish I can go and visit it again!!!

    We also met an *Aboriginal lady that taught us some songs and words like *”thank you” the Aboriginal way. We even got to touch a real deer leg and a turtle *shell. We also found out what they used to use as medicine and symbols of different things*, like a dream catcher!!

  6. In our field trip on Thursday, October 20, We went to Booth St. We learned about remote sensing and Aboriginals.

    In the remote sensing, we learned how satellites and spy satellites function. *They cost billions of dollars! We saw a bunch of pictures satellites took* and it was so cool! Then we did a worksheet* in which we had to identify the places in pictures of satellites.

    I learned a lot about rockets, satellites and how they work. I also learned the Earth isn’t quite round (well just a little).

    Next we went to the Aboriginals workshop. She told us three songs using different instruments. One was a drum, a person toy thingy and a waddle. She also told us two legends, one how birds got their song, and one how the big dipper came in place.

    We got to touch a turtle shell, a piece of cloth made of deer skin and a deer leg they used for a hammer. The hammer was wet because they had to cure the leg first before using it.

    I learned that before a hunter left to hunt, he would hold a ceremony. He would pray for an animal to give its life to him to help his family. Then he would go to a certain place in the forest. If an animal came, he would kill it and hold another ceremony thanking the animal. Then he would use every single part he could use to show his gratitude.

    This field trip was very educational unlike other field trips where we just play.

  7. Grade Six Field Trip for the National Science and the Technology Week

    We the students of Grade six of Abraar School went to a field trip to Booth Street Complex, Ottawa for the National Science and the Technology week on Thursday, October 20th, 2011.

    *We left the school at 10 am. It was a thrilling trip. When we entered the bus it was raining, it was amazing to be in the bus on a rainy day where we heard the raindrops. The rain did not affect our field trip as it was planned as indoors. There were two presentations that we participated in; the remote sensing presentation and the *Aboriginals’ presentation, mostly about the Algonquians and Iroquoians.

    When we entered the building, right away we had a workshop on the remote sensing. For this workshop we learned about satellites and rockets. We learned about radar satellites, spy satellites and others. We also learned about how satellites are lifted up into space. Rockets hold the satellite. There are three parts to rocket. At the cone, which is at the top of the rocket where the satellite is kept. The other two parts are for lift off. These satellites cost 0.5 billion dollars, expensive don’t you think?

    After the remote sensing workshop, we had participated in the *Aboriginal presentation. In that workshop we learned about the Algonquians and Iroquoians. Before the presenter said anything, she sang this ceremonial song with a hand drum. After that she did a dance with a nut cracker on a piece of wood and she then sang a French song. Then she told us two legends, one about a huge bear and three brothers chasing him, and another about a bird that cheated in a race. We also held a turtle shell and a deer’s leg. I learned a lot about the Algonquians and Iroquoians.

    This field trip was a successful field trip. We learned lots, met new types of people, we enjoyed it and everyone had a great time. In this field trip I learned that Canada is the best at radar satellites, which was amazing to me. Overall it was an extraordinary field trip.

  8. Grade 6 field trip

    On Thurs. Nov. 20th 2011 we went to government building on Booth Street. This week was Science and technology week. We had *two presentations. *The first one was about remote sensing. The second one was about Aboriginals.

    First we went to remote sensing. The speaker there was once a manager of building rocket parts. We learned about gravity and how rockets worked. You’d think that satellites were just for a GPS and that kind of stuff, but *it’s way more. A Spy Satellite can detect floods and oil spills on earth.

    Next we went to *learn about Aboriginals. We had to take our shoes off because we they had real ceremonies there. We got to see and touch an empty turtle shell and a deer’s leg. Aboriginals would use all the parts of an animal if they killed one. We learned legends and songs which were interesting.

    This was our first Gr.6 field trip. I had lots of fun. *The most interesting thing was that the Aboriginals also believed in *one *Creator.

  9. On Thursday,October 20th, our grade six class went to the Booth Street Complex for the National Science and Technology Week.We *learned about two things – remote sensing and *Aboriginal knowledge.

    We first went *to the remote sensing workshop.It was very *interesting. We learned about satellites and spy satellites.They told us that it takes five years to be made and costs half a billion dollars.They told us how they launch satellites into space.We looked at a few pictures taken by satellites and then we had a little activity where we had pictures taken by satellites and we had to identify what each picture had.

    We also learned that they have to make three satellites to launch one into space*: one for launching into space,the second one to use as a back up just in case if it fails,and the third one is to keep on earth for testing. That was a nice workshop .

    After we headed to the Aboriginal workshop.The room looked very traditional and beautiful. *We had to take our shoes off before we sat down because it was a *spiritual room.

    There was a lady who was in Aboriginal clothing.She sang us a welcome song , *it was very nice.

    After she told us about different tribes and their different ways of living.She also told us two legends,one about the big dipper also known as the big bear, and the other legend was about how birds got their song.

    *She showed us an Aboriginal dancing toy while she sang a french song.We *learned about the medicine wheel and what was the meaning of each colour and the colours were yellow, red, black, and white.

    *This was a great workshop and a great field trip I hope to go again next year.

    Maria K.

  10. Aliyah H:

    The grade 6 class went to a field trip to the Booth Street Complex.

    Our guide Erica had *to guide us where to go. She took us inside the first workshop for science about remote sensing. It was very interesting because we learned about satellites. The man was showing us types of satellites and how satellites work in space. After the man had explained everything about satellites to us he gave us an activity. He gave us at least 15 minutes to complete it. We looked at pictures of satellites and we had to identify pictures that satellites took. It was a very interesting workshop.

    The second workshop was a *hands-on workshop and it was so much fun! We went to the workshop for social studies, it was about *Aboriginals. We took off our shoes and sat down. The lady was a mixed *Aboriginal. She sang a *Native song called *“Creator” to start of the workshop. She had a beautiful voice. Then she told us about different *Aboriginal tribes and their cultures*. It was very interesting. After she told us a story about the big bear (big dipper) after she should us some tools they used from animals. Then she sang another French song with an instrument *Natives used. She also said another story about constellations and how birds got their song. She basically sang three songs and said three stories. She also told us about how *Aboriginals hunt and let us touch a real deer leg and deer skin. *Some students touched wolves fur of its head. *At the end of the workshop we got a pin and a band from the lady.

    This field trip was the best field trip ever. The feild trip gave every student a lot of education. 
    InshAllah we will have more field trips like this one!

  11. You guys are doing great, masha’Allah! I’m enjoying reading all the comments. Where there were corrections in spelling, capitalization, or grammar, I’ve put a star where I made the correction. As we have more practice, we’ll all continue to improve, insha’Allah! That’s the goal. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Salaams, as you may know on October 20th 2011, the grade 6 class went on a field to Booth Street Complex.

      Our guide Erica took us to our programs. *First Erica took us to *a program *which talked about *remote sensing*. *We learned that it costs billions of dollars to build and insurance a satellite!

      We also learned that satellites take years to build and you can’t say “Mom, I’m going to build a satellite”, you must build three! You have to build three satellites because you need one to launch, another one for backup, and one more to stay on the ground. Also, the runner of the program said Canada’s satellites are the best in the world! GO CANADA! (I knew we were good at something!)

      Next Erica took us to to a program about Aboriginals. We learned that Natives are a lot like Muslims, like when the mixed Aboriginal woman told us that they have a ceremony/prayer before and after they kill an animal. Also they try to use every part of the animal so they do not waste it.

      She sang us songs, they were very beautiful although I didn’t know what they meant. But there was one performance I and many other kids found amusing, the dancing puppet. It was so fantastic, she put a plastic board under her thigh and on top of the seat and had a wooden puppet in one hand and was banging the board with the other, and voila! A dancing puppet man. I loved it, I loved all of it.

      In conclusion, that field trip was cool. I and many other students learned more about Aboriginals and Remote Sensing *then we had already known. I personally prefer Aboriginals over Remote Sensing. That field trip was awesome and I hope there are many more to come insha’Allah.

      Salaams to everyone and have a good night.

  12. On Thursday we went to science *workshops.

    When we got there, the first presentation we went to was about remote sensing. First the presenter told us how people use rockets to get satellites into space. Next he told us that there are 3 types of satellites (ones that take pictures, ones that use radars and ones that measure heat).

    *He told us how to identify things in satellite pictures. Like how water sometimes looks black, and how squares are forest cut blocks (chopped down trees). Then he gave us sheets of satellite pictures and we had to identify what we were seeing the satellite pictures.

    The next place we went to was a presentation on Aboriginals. The person there was wearing Algonquin clothes. She sang *three *Native songs (one with a *Native drum, one with a maraca and one with a native instrument called a dancing wingerman).

    She told us a story about why *Natives call the big dipper the big bear and another story about how birds got their song (both are legends but they are not real).

    *We even got to feel real piece of dear skin, a dear leg and a turtle shell. And before we left we got pins and bracelets with the colours of the medicine wheel.

    *It was a very fun trip.

  13. On Thursday,October 20th 2011*, our grade six class went on a field trip to the Booth Street Complex for National Science and *Technology Week. We were scheduled for *two workshops.The first one was about Remote Sensing and the second one was about Aboriginal Wisdom.

    The remote sensing workshop was very interesting. We learned about *satellites and spy *satellites. *Satellites have a solar panel that transforms the sun’s energy and heat into electricity.Spy *satellites come very close to earth at about 200 km, take a very good image and whip by sending this image to another *satellite which sends it down to earth.

    The Aboriginal Wisdom workshop was very nice and fun. We learned that when an *Aboriginal person would go to hunt for food they would make *three ceremonies. The first ceremony would be to ask the *Creator if there was any animal that was willing to give *its life to that person so that he could eat it. The second ceremony would be to ask the animal if it was willing to give *its life so that they could eat it. After that the hunter would go and sit in the forest under the tree and wait . When the animal would come and stand in front of him the hunter would shoot the animal.The third ceremony would be to thank the animal for giving it’s life to the person so that he could eat it. The *Aboriginal people tried to use as much as they could.

    This field trip was very interesting and fun. I hope we can go on more field trips like this one .Thank you Tr. Amira. I hope we can go on more field trips with you.

  14. On october 20th the grade 6 went to a field trip to *Booth Street Complex.

    First we had a guide take us to the workshops, her name was Erica.* The first workshop was *about remote sensing.The man was a manager of building parts of a rocket. We learned about types of *satellites and how they work in space. *We also did an activity where we had to look at pictures as if we are 580 *km away and guess what they were.

    Next Erica took us to the *Aboriginal workshop .The women was *wearing *Native people’s clothing.She sang a song called the *Creator,she *said it was a song they sang before they started a “meeting”; they thank the *Creator for the world by using the *Algonquin drum.

    Then she sang a *Metis song with just a puppet and a piece of cardboard, it was a very fun song but in French. We got to touch a turtle shell and a deer leg. We learned about the four different colours and what they stand for .And at the end we got some bracelets and badges that had the four colours.

    Even if *it’s *the first field trip,* *it’s still the best field trip because *I learned a lot and had fun. 🙂

  15. On October 20, 2011 we went on a class trip to a government building on Booth street. We saw two wonderful workshops.

    The first workshop was about remote sensing technology and was very interesting. The man talked to us about the parts of a rocket, solar panels and computers. He said that he used to work for some stations and he said that he had built some parts of a rocket before. We were amazed at the high cost of satellites.

    The second workshop was about *Aboriginal people which was also quite interesting. The lady, who was an *Aboriginal herself, told us some legends about *Aboriginals and we did some hands-on activities as well. We all got to touch deer skin and a turtle shell from a real turtle. The lady also sang us some wonderful songs that everyone enjoyed.

    As the field trip came to an end we learned a lot about *Aboriginals as well as remote sensing through satellites.Overall, it was very interesting and educational at the same time. I really wish we can do this again someday!

  16. On October 20th the grade 6 class went on a field trip to the *Booth Street Complex for workshops. The first one was about remote sensing. The second one was about the Aboriginals. Our guide’s name was Erica.

    In the first workshop we learned about satellites. There are three types of satellites. Some of them take pictures*, others use radar, and some measure heat. Then the presenter gave us some photos taken by satellites and we had to guess what some parts of the picture were in real life. For example if something is black in real life it’s actually water. We also learned that some satellites cost up to half a billion dollars.

    After that we went to another room for our workshop on Aboriginals. This room was shaped like a small tent. It looked more spiritual. Then a lady dressed in *Aboriginal clothes sang an *Aboriginal song. Then she talked to us about the culture of *Aboriginals. She also told us that *Aboriginals believed that every living thing has a spirit.

    The workshops were very interesting and fun. I hope that we go again. Thank you Teacher Amira.

  17. Asalamulaykum ,
    On Octobre 20 2011 at 9:30 AM we left the school going to the science and technology workshops.It was pouring rainy day but we had such a nice trip.

    *When we arrived we met Erica our *guide to the building and we met an *engineer *named Paul.He made a presentation about remote sensing and satellites.

    *We learned about remote sensing and how it works, it was interesting. We learned that a satellite can be as big as a school bus and it cost 0.5 billion dollars and *Canada’s satellite is one of the best satellites in the world.

    The second presentation was about *Aboriginal.The lady there was talking about the history of the *Native people and she sang some songs *while playing on the drums.

    *She told us some stories about *Aboriginals.She explained to us what the four colors mean and stand for.At the end she gave us bracelets and pins.

    Thank you teacher Amira for this wonderful trip.

  18. On *October 20, we *went to science *workshops. *We learned about how *Aboriginals *used to live and what they *used to do. *We also learned about remote sensing and satellites.

    When we got there we waited then we when we got in we learned how much rocket ships cost and they cost a lot. *We also learned how long it takes. After that we learned about satellites and how much they cost.*

    Then we went to the *Aboriginal people. *The lady sang lots of songs. She also told us how they use to live they use to hunt and fish after they would come back and cook it. Soon she *showed us tools then at the end she gave us *bracelets and pins. *Then we *went back to school.*

    *It was so fun going and learning so much stuff. *Tr. *Amira should bring all the classes to the place. *It was so fun, *I wish *I can go again.

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