Special congratulations to the New Student Council reps for Grade 5

Masha’Allah -Mabrouk to Mohammad R. & Huda S.  with Zackarya and Sara  as close runner-ups! It was a really close race, with a second vote needed after a three-way tie between the boys (Mohammad R., Zakarya, and Yusuf) and a two-way tie between the girls!

We had a brilliant election run with amazing candidates and campaign managers, masha’Allah. The fifth-graders had a wonderful week of hands-on learning preparing speeches, brochures, pins, posters and other promotional items to win over votes!

A fabulous learning experience, and a lot of teamwork was on show!

Great work everyone. Our advisory council of former candidates and managers will meet bi-weekly to discuss any issues in the class or school that should be referred to the Student Council. A real exercise in grassroots democracy!!!

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  1. you forgot to put me, do you mind putting me in too, sorry if this sounds rude

    • Yes, I put that you indeed were tied in the three-way tie, masha’Allah after doing a terrific job. Keep up the great work, and do keep contributing your ideas to the council advisory group we’ll be having every two weeks insha’Allah.
      Enjoy your weekend!

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