Help! Special message on behalf of PST

Assalamu Alikum Dear Parents of Abraar School, 

This is a reminder from the Parent Support Team (PST) that nominations are still open for anyone interested in being part of  a group that will provide support and fundraising events for the school. Unfortunately we have not received enough nominations to even run an election next week !!!

The PST is an essential team for the school so please consider yourself for these nominations. The PST was able to help raise funds to help the school with various projects and programs. All this help and support to keep our school improving is at risk of ending if new members are not found.

You can view the blog at:

and email

Thank you
Parent Support Team (PST)

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  1. Teacher, what was the word you said at the student of the month?

  2. 1.the office, functions, or term of a triumvir
    2.government by three persons or by a coalition of three parties
    3.any association of three in authority
    4.any group or set of three

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