Grade 5 A-Club Newsletter for October!

8 Dhul’ Hijja 1432 * (a similar hard copy version of this newsletter was sent home today) More photos here!

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Eid Mubarek to everyone! Wonderful to be celebrating all together. But before we get to the festivities, let’s check out what has been happening!


Language / Social Studies: A big focus this month has been on the student elections. It was a great way to combine Social Studies and Language. Students learned about campaign brochures, making inferences, campaign speeches and the art of politics! Students were very motivated, and led themselves in this unit.

We’ve also been drilling into the students the need for proper writing structure with introduction, conclusion and strong body paragraphs that include supporting details. Through regular writing exercises, students have become familiar with mapping out ideas using graphic organizers, and putting it all down in organized paragraphs.

We continue to read“Noble Brother” every Friday which the students are enjoying immensely!

Islamic Studies: We continue to work on understanding the 99 names of Allah Subhana’wa Taala using study notes, Quiz Shows, and teamwork to build and understand our knowledge. We have also had a wonderful time decorating our class bulletin board with a visual representation of the steps of Hajj. The students worked in teams to create the colourful map (see more pictures at the end!)

Art: Sr. Madlien came to our class to coach us on creating water colour fish portraits that know decorate our classroom. We also continued with our tree unit, and will be doing more in this inspiring unit on nature.

Math: We are half way through Chapter 6 (Multiplication and Division). I am encouraging the students to review their timetables since they need that very much during this chapter. A test about multiplication was done. Another test about division will follow soon. After that we should be starting a new unit – Measurements. Please make sure that your child does all assigned homework to maximize the benefit, insha’Allah.  – Tr.Heifa

Science: We are at the end of the “Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms” unit. A project was assigned to the students and will be due on November 14th, insha Allah. A test on this unit will be done very soon. Next we will start on the Human Body unit which should be very interesting for the students. Please help your child to keep track of the new science vocabulary as this will help them during assessment.

– Tr.Heifa

Subject Teachers

Qur’an:Alhamdullilah, we finished surat Al Jinn and we are going to have a memorization test on the whole surah. After that we’ll start surat Nooh inshallah. Your can use this site: (Shaikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar) for practicing the given surah.

Best reciters of the month:

1. Mohammed R.    2. Jalal   3.Mohamed A.

French: We read our story “Un jour bizarre” and we watched the play on DVD. We started also our first writing work entitled “Choisis le Bon Mot”. So far, students are gaining confidence in speaking French in and out the classroom. We did also Eid activities and learned vocabulary related to our celebration and “Tout le monde est très Excité”. I wish you and your family EID MUBAREK. -Tr.Amina

Arabic Learners Group 1 (Tr. Hoda): Students learned new lessons: “Assalamatu fee Albayt”, according with the new vocabularies. In Grammar they learned about “Asmaa’a Aleesharaa” and how to use it with Feminine and Masculine. They did their reading test, and they learned new poetry “Raddu Assalam”. Please read Arabic daily at home for 15 mins.from student books you have. – Tr.Hoda

Arabic Learners Group 2 (Tr. Amal): The students finished two lessons, learning new vocabulary and working on their comprehension. In grammar, students finished learning about prepositions and they had many drills. In writing, the students wrote two essays and had dictation. Also they memorized one poem. The students were working very hard and enjoying the lessons. Thank you for cooperation. -Tr.Amal

Health (Tr. Mustafa):

Our gym teacher taught us how to shoot a puck really hard. Some students are really progressing well. We are also about making healthy choices for nutritional eating.- Sindeed, Grade 6

Special Notes

Congratulations to the Students of the Month (Caring):

Ayesha, Sarrah M., and Zainab.

Our November theme is “Responsibility”.

Congratulations also to our new Student Council Reps: Sara S. and Mohammed R.!

The Long-Range Plan is posted here on the blog. Check out whenever you like!

Our bulletin board (great work students!)

Our map of the Hajj rites!

Lovely camels carrying their riders.

Hajjis getting their hair cut after successfully completing the Hajj!

Tawaf around the Kaaba! Zam zam water on offer!

And a stop at the Jamarat after Arafah! Eid Mubarak to one and all! – Grade 5

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