Quick reminders!

Item 1:

Acrostic poetry due for Grade 5 & 6 (See below for Teacher’s version – yes, Teacher does homework, too!)

****Check out this cool link on Acrostic Poetry!:



Item 2:

Will be checking and posting the Grade Six Field trip reflections that students are posting. Thanks for sending them in if you have already done so!

Item 3:

Buddy gifts due tomorrow, but Wednesday will be acceptable as our exchange will be on Thursday due to both Grade 2 classes being away on a field trip…..

Item 4:

Food forms for our Eid party due for Grade 5 tomorrow!

Teacher’s Acrostic Eid poem

Every day

I wonder

Do the students remember


My lessons ?

Use the skills I share?

Better themselves?

As long as they try

Rewarded by their efforts

And hopefully –

Knowledge will percolate over the holidays!




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  1. NICE,I LIKE IT!!!!!!…………….

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