Grade 8 Art In-Class Assignment #2

Your assignment:

The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa is opening a new wing, which will be dedicated to
Canadian artists. Along with paintings by the great Canadian past masters, the new wing will
display works by contemporary Canadian artists.

To celebrate the opening of the new wing, there will be an exhibition of landscape paintings from the nineteenth century to the present. You have been asked to submit a painting of a Canadian landscape to be considered for this exhibition.

A successful piece of work will:

• use repetition of colour and shape to create rhythm;

• show blending of colours through the use of paint and brush techniques to create a desired
effect (i.e., to create rhythm);

• be an interpretation of a Canadian landscape but will not necessarily include realism in the
subject matter.

You will be expected to introduce your work to the curator through a piece of writing that explains
how your work represents a Canadian landscape and discusses how you used colour and shape to
create rhythm.

Related Definitions – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!:

colour: An element of design. The particular
wavelength of light seen by the eye when an
object reflects or emits light. The four characteristics
of colour are hue (name), value (lightness
and darkness), intensity (saturation, or amount
of pigment), and temperature (warm and cool).

hue: The common name of a colour (e.g., red).
Also referred to as pigment.

warm and cool colours:  Colours that suggest coolness
(e.g., blue, green, purple). Cool colours often
appear to recede into the background or distance.

intensity:  The saturation (amount of pigment),
strength, or purity of a colour. A vivid colour is
of high intensity, a dull colour of low intensity.
Visual intensity can be enhanced by placing
complementary colours next to each other in an
image or reduced by mixing in a small amount
of the colour’s complement (e.g., a small
amount of yellow mixed into violet neutralizes
and dulls the colour).

value: An element of design that describes the
lightness or darkness of a colour and/or the
gradual changes in the lightness or darkness
of an art work even when colour is absent.

Let’s analyze these works: (copy and paste into the url):


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