Grades 5 & 6 : For Remembrance Day – Life WWI’s trenches

Remembrance Day Online Activity:

(copy and paste the link)

Play the game. You will choose the name of a friend to be used in the story as you go through the game. Choose anyone’s name that you like. ****NEW TIP: START NEW CHAPTER IF YOU GET KILLED DURING THE WAR, THEN CHOOSE ANOTHER OPTION!****

On Friday, we will share our reflections on the game.

BONUS FOR STUDENTS: What is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Provide a written description for Friday!

Related to –

Grade 5 curriculum:

– describe some civic ceremonies and celebrations,
and explain what they mean or

Grade 6 curriculum:

– describe some of the connections Canada
shares with the rest of the world (history).


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  1. its hard you make a mistake, you’re dead

  2. Hi, my name is Hannah I really like your hajj board! how did you make it?

    • Thanks for the feedback! We found an excellent cartoon map of the Hajj locations and simply got into groups to create similar images using drawings and 3-D materials. It was a collaborative effort by our class with everyone adding their own style!

  3. I made the whole game in one try it was so easy. But I got blind for a second 😛

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