Grade 5 Homework!

********please remember that Friday November 18 is a PD Day, insha’Allah ****************

Due Wednesday:  

French Test on Vocabulary & the Story about “Bridget”

LA – Complete Movie write-up if class work was incomplete.

All rubrics for persuasive letter should be signed; some students have not received their mark as yet, this will be coming shortly.

Due Thursday:

(Fluent Arabic Speakers) Rough copy of assigned work

Islamic Studies: p.A37 in textbook , Think Critically #1 & 2 , Lesson Review q# 1- 4

Due Monday:

Islamic Studies: Write Allah Subhan’wa Taala’s 99 Names in Arabic and English on a standard sized poster to later be hung or displayed at school & later at home!

LA:  Re-write persuasive letter if Teacher Amira requested you to do so. 

Due Tuesday:

Quran Surat Nuh


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  1. Asalmu Aliekum,

    I’m just wondering about “LA – Complete Movie write-up if class work was incomplete”, Fatema doesn’t seem to know what that is. is it something that she missed on Monday?

    Thank you,


    • Yes – they were asked to write about either “The Message” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – we watched both in class. I don’t want to overwhelm Fatema with work, so let me speak with her about it tomorrow insha’Allah when she comes to give her some more time.

  2. dear tr.amira ,

    my legend is very similar to one found on the internet should i leave it or change it?

    • As long as it was your original idea, and you have written it all in your own words, it should be fine. If you want to change something to make it even more original, then that is an option as well. It is up to you Bassima!

  3. tr. amira it is generally the same idea but different charecters is that also exeptional?

  4. If you are unsure, we can discuss tomorrow. I leave it up to you to decide Bassima. If it is almost identical then I would change a few things to make it more original.

  5. tr.amira about the gr.5 h.m about the time in gr.5 do you write about how you made friends and fridays and parties . because I did that.

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