Grade 5 & 6 Homework

Grade 5 – Prepare a cover picture for your story about Grade 5.

Grade 6 – Create a legend. Include a cover picture that incorporates a picture related to your story.

Use the rubric to guide you.

Refer to the Elements of Native Stories in your Social Studies folder.

Aliyah recommended this website to help (jazak’Allahu Kheiran!):

Also on the right-hand side of the blog, you will find links under “Social Studies”. They include links like this one with lots of information:

-Tr. Amira


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  1. tr amira can the ledgend be on any four things since it says four directions or four winds can it be something else but it will still include the four events but in a different topic

  2. Teacher Amira can some part of the legend be untrue and the rest a myth type of thing?

    Teacher I don’t think my legend is good but should I still hand it in because I changed it more than 3 times?

  3. tr. amira i wrote a legend then i saw on the internet a similar one. do i change mine or leave it!!!!!!!!

  4. tr amira does it have to be in the form of a booklet


  5. the picture goes on the front, the story behind it, so it is like a very simple booklet.

  6. thank s tr amira but mine is four page i mean 3 pages of the ledgend and 1 page of the cover so i mean can you hole puch it and put pipe cleaners in between if you dont reply tonight i can check in the morning to bring pipe cleaners to school

    thank you very much again tr Amira

  7. When are we going to get the next project?

  8. ok thank you ā¤

  9. Teacher Amira I left early today… is there any homework other then the social studies notes that is due tomorrow or anytime this week?

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