Homework Grade 5 & 6

Grade 5 LA:

Write about anything you read this weekend in short paragraphs that describe the 5W’s. Remember an Intro, and Conclusion.

Grade 6 LA:

Write down all you read this weekend in your journal. Include the author and title of the book/ article.  In class, we will talk more about your selections.

Optional enrichment:

Create a short report on your reading selection and include a cover page.


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  1. Assalamualaikum Tr Amira,
    The defenition of segue is to continue without break (to or into the next part). The second is you wrote seguei instead of segue. Just to let you know.


    • Thanks Sindeed. Actually I wrote seguay – which as you point out is incorrect! I did mention that I thought my spelling was wrong on it because I have never practiced using it. Teachers make mistakes too! So jazak’Allahu Kheiran for looking up the definition and for correcting the spelling. We’ll put it on the board on Monday insha’Allah! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Dear Tr.Amira,
    Does it count to read a book to your little brother or sister, or do you prefer if we read novels for our level?


    • I’m leaving this one up to you Zainab. If you prefer to read a bit of a longer story, great. If you want to read to your little bro’ or sis, that is fine, too. It depends on what students are able to find time for this weekend. Enjoy!

  3. we need to add the 5 w’s right:


    Do we need to add HOW?


  4. I didn’t mention HOW, but if you want to include it, great! This is practice for future book reports where more detail and higher level of reading will be required insha’Allah.

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