Homework Grade 5 & 6 / Thank you!

Grade 5 LA:

Summarize the documentary “Waiting for Superman”

Use a graphic organizer, five paragraphs (three body para. with three supporting details & intro. /conclusion)

Grade 6 LA/Social Studies:

Begin work on Aboriginal group (see agenda for your instructions).


Special Thanks to Grade 5 students / parents who brought treats to share for our party! Jazak’Allahu Kheiran!


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  1. dear teacher amira,

    i highlighted a few things in the small booklet about the aboriginal tribes is that a problem ?

  2. tr.amira

    i have a question: can we use other information when solving the booklet like from the internent or we just have to get the info from the small booklet

    thanks and have a great evening

  3. i,m not sure about the art project aliyah. but, tr. amira said that we should complete all the work sheets in the aboriginal booklet!

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