Homework Grade 5 & 6

Grade 6 Homework:

Complete the story read out in class about the artwork that was “accidentally” ruined.

Grade 5 Homework:

Only students who were told to re-do their “Waiting for Superman” homework, and those who didn’t hand it in should bring it in.




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  1. I can NOT find my Language Arts Journal. I looked every where at school, my locker, my house and my bag. Can I do the homework on a seperate paper?

  2. asalamualikum tr amira

    im not shure you really explained page 33 the one about the directions so do we have to do it becuase we didnt realy go through all of page 33 or 34 at least of what i remember i really would ask you in class but this is homework

    thank you so much teacher amira


  3. sorry teacher i meant i dont really understand it so can you explain it once more in class

    thank you and sorry again for the confusion

  4. thank you tr amira

    your the best

  5. hi teacher amira 😀

  6. Asalamualaikum Tr.Amira,
    For the first draft of the social studies assignment, do we have to rely on only the five sources and your jot notes or can we also use other resources?

  7. asalamualikum tr amira

    i just wanted to know if we also had to do the media related video on the blog for monday

    thank you very much


  8. Assalamualaikum teacher Amira,

    I found 3 resources and I need 2 more. I used website, book, and video. I can’t find newspaper/magazine and articles off the internet. Can you give me suggestions?


  9. Teacher Amira, I only have 3 resources and they are from the internet, I was busy all weekend, I couldn’t get a book from the library and I never had a chance to use different sources. Can I be able to do all my resources by websites, but on Monday I can go to the Library and gather more information? When will all the resources be do? Please reply soon.

    Thank You,
    Aliyah Hasan Gr.6


    are we supposed to do the media related post or is that just for the grade 5 or optinal

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