Grade 5 Homework

Related to Social Studies (Grade 5) ; Fairness discussion (Grade 6)
Media Literacy (both grades)
* Watch the video on the weekend night; come to school on Monday ready to debate in Social Studies.
*In your journal, write down the name of the three people.
* Write about the main position of each guest (2 people)
*Write down the strongest point of each person/ the weakest point of each person
The Niqab debate:
go to 1 hour and 47 minutes in the video below
Grade 5
Islamic Studies
A51 answer them for Monday
Unit Test on Wednesday

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  1. Mahwash Fatima ( the one in the niqab)is my aunt and I am really proud of her!!!!! 🙂


  2. The other woman is going against niqab and burqa.

  3. Interesting debate. Yes, we should always be proud of those who explain their positions in a calm way. That is what democracy is all about. Competing views, rights and responsibilities.

  4. She’s muslim (Salma)and she’s going against burqa and niqab. !!!WOW!!!
    Maliha 😎

  5. Can’t believe that the muslim girl was not on the niqab side

    decode this
    *Ihjkmhjk shjkohjk whjkihjkehjkrhjkdhjk*

  6. Wow!! This is so surprising……I am proud of those who are standing up and speaking their opinions. Teacher Amira, by any chance, can we debate about this topic? 😀

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