Quick updates on homework/field trip

Field Trip: Students can bring a snack to the field trip that we will eat on our way back if the bus driver grants us permission, insha’Allah.

Social Studies Project for Grade 6:

Next step: Rough draft of information for poster/presentation due on Wednesday (based on 5 sources). After in-class editing , final draft will be due Thursday.

Students can start putting poster together on Thursday. There will be an additional week after the break to complete the posters so that students will have ample time to complete their project. Due now January 17. Students will be coached on presentation skills in the first week, too, insha’Allah.

Grade 5 Homework

Questions in Islamic Studies Textbook A51 due Tuesday. Test moved to Thursday insha’Allah.

Have a great evening.

Tr. Amira



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  1. Teacher Amira,
    My head is hurting because of the project. I don’t understand what to do! Can we please have one day extension for the rough draft because it is all in a short period of time? Please reply soon 😀


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