Grade 5 – Choose your own assignment!

Reflect on the field trip to Parliament Hill using any of these methods of communication:

*Drawings             *Post a comment on the blog (5 details)        *Poster      *bookmark                   *video clips

*Role – play         *Present to the class      *scrap-book             *debate


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  1. asalamuaikum tr amira

    do the grade 6 have to reflect on the feild trip thanks

  2. Had a Blast at the the Parliament Hill, is there any chance we can go again? 😀

  3. I really enjoyed the field trip to the Parliament Hill one of the many things that I enjoyed was the clock tower it was nine stories high and I loved the elevator ride.The paintings in the hallways of the Parliment building look so realistic and it was nice seeing all the Prime Ministers’ of Canadas pictures.The library was so big and full of historical books.I also found the outdoor fountain very interesting in the way how fire seemed like it was coming out of water. The Christmas tree was so beautiful MashaAllah and all the ceilings had a different beautiful patterns that looked magnificent.

  4. thank you teacher amira

  5. great Rayah! Good reflections. I’ll offer feedback tomorrow!

  6. teacher amira

    for the iroquois in school are we allowed to trade with our partners so if they have some extra info we can add to each other.

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