Grade 5 November Newsletter

*this newsletter was sent last month in hard copy form. This is for your references online* 

Grade 5 Tr. Amira

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Muharram 1433

Dear Students and Families,

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Wonderful term so far! We’ve done so many things that even students are having a hard time summarizing all we’ve been up to. From writing letters to politicians, to creating lovely pieces of art work for our own homes, it’s been another full month. Read on!



Students became politically active through a letter-writing campaign to city, provincial, and federal politicians about saving the South March Highlands.

Following a detailed rubric, and much in-class guidance, students also turned to parents for tips and support on how to write about their community concerns. Letters were mailed in the final week of November! Let’s see if we hear back from area politicians.

Our field trip guide, local botanist Martha Webber, wrote this about our class’s efforts:

“Yours is the only school in the Ottawa area that has been out with us. I know that organizing a field trip takes planning and work, but schools run them for sports and music, etc. What you are teaching is the scientific method: do the research, then you add reviews and civic responsibility with follow-up activities. I wish my kids had been in your classes.”

We have continued to practice our structured writing with an emphasis on topic sentences, and three supporting details for every paragraph written. Students have created little booklets citing their experiences so far in Grade 5. These will be posted on our bulletin boards shortly, insha’Allah.

Health/ Phys Ed: Grade 5/6 Boys finished their projects on healthy eating and cooking for their moms. In Gym, students are playing hockey and soccer.

Math: We are working on division – dividing multiple digit numbers by one digit numbers. Grade five students need to be very comfortable with time tables for them to be comfortable with division. Because of the long time we are taking for division, I will be using one Science period toward Math. Once we are back on track, that period will go back again for Science. Please help your child with memorization of the timetables. Jazakum Allah Khayran.  Tr.Heifa


Science:  We finished the “Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms” unit. Next we started the “Human Body” unite. We talked so far about cells, organs, body systems and many more. Now we are in the middle of exploring the Digestive System. As you child about the journey that a food bit takes in our body!! Tr.Heifa

Social Studies: We continue to look at various levels of parliament. We looked at municipal and federal levels this month, including an open-book quiz on the various aspects of the federal government. We received two different resources on this topic from the federal government, including a lovely coloured book detailing the elements of Parliament in an exciting and dynamic way. We’ll be looking at this more closely in the weeks ahead.

We also marked Remembrance Day with various activities to familiarize students with this Canadian memorial.

Islamic Studies:  We wrapped up our unit on the Names of Allah (SWT). We had two tests, quiz shows, and a culminating project that had students writing up the 99 Names of Allah in Arabic and with an English translation. These posters should be displayed at home to help students remember these names, and to recall the meanings. We have embarked on the unit exploring the meanings and varieties of shirk.

Subject Teachers

Qur’an: Alhamdullilah, Grade 5 are enjoying memorizing surat Nooh. Please use this site: (Shaikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar) for practicing on the given surah.

Best reciters of the month:

1.Abdurahman H.   2. Raghad A.

3. Zackarya H.    4. Nadine A.

5.Fatima J.

– Tr. Samia

French:  During this month, we did many activities in reading and writing like”choisis le bon mots”, “les mots en ordre” and we read in different setting: whole class, group and individual using the puppets. We took also a reading comprehension test “choisis le bon mot”. Alhamdullilah, so far students are improving in French and gaining proficiency in speaking,masha’a Allah. –Mme Amina


Arabic learners (Tr. Hoda)Students learned new lessons in Arabic Class, ” Abu Bakr Assedeeq” 2 parts on both Arabic Books, they learned their new vocabularies, and they did the questions related to the lessons. They learned new poetry ” Allahu Rabbi”, they listened to the CD that belongs to the Arabic program, and finished the work related to it afterwards. Please make sure to read every day for 15 minutes from your Arabic Books. -Tr. Hoda

Arabic speakers (Tr. Amal): In reading, the students finished studying (The story of El Tofilieen) and (The Computer). Students have memorized a poem as well. In grammar, we reviewed previous lessons. During our writing sessions, the students wrote an essay about Eid. We also did dictation and a reading test – Tr. Amal

Special Notes

Congratulations to the Students of the Month (Responsibility): Jalal Ramadan & Abdalrhman Hilal.

Next month, I will look for the student who shows Gratitude.

Parent Volunteers needed!

Do you have spare time to share with our class? I am looking for parents to regularly volunteer their time for the following tasks:

– Organize field trips

– Decorate bulletin boards

– Language support in-class

– Book lists/ book and other supplies

Please email me only if you can commit regularly either once a week or once a month at least.



If not, it means I still do not have an accurate email address for you; or your son/daughter has joined the school recently.  If you fall into one of these two categories, please email me ASAP so I can update my parents list! Send to my email please.


How are we doing?

Please send any feedback about how the school year is going via email, or in a note.  We welcome all comments, concerns and suggestions. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran




Don’t forget to check out our classroom blog – lots of great language games are linked there, too!


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