Homework for now/ holidays (for parents, too!)

Grade 5 & 6 LA

Write a daily account of your holidays in your journal. Include drawings, or poetry, etc.  That’s fourteen journal entries! Minimum one paragraph (five sentences) every day.

Grade 6

Optional – work on your Native Studies project. There will be time upon your return.




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  1. Assalamualaikum teacher Amira,

    i did not get a chance to give in my rough copy of the native assigment . however i will send you a copy soon just so you know i completed my homework!!!

    thank you

  2. asalamualikum teacher amira

    i left early before language class i asked you but you said we might so if there is can you please tell me just to make sure

    thank you teacher amira


  3. Remember I had to write 5 details about the field trip,well here it is.

    The 5 things I liked about the field trip included the debate, that was so thrilling!

    We talked about if children were allowed or not allowed to watch TV. We were divided to 2 teams.

    One team was the Opposition and the other team was the Goverment, which I was in. We were all arguing alot and we had lots of good ideas!

    The next thing I liked that was we went to the Peace Tower which was very fun! It was so tall. I even can saw the huge clock.

    We went to the Green House which looked very pretty. There was a big Christmas Tree.

    We went to the library and it was so beautiful. It was very organized.

    We even got to see the place where the people do the arguments.

    I really enjoyed the field trip.

  4. zealous- marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or an ideal : filled with or characterized by zeal

  5. i forgot the other word

  6. hi tr.amira, i just wanted to say for the last day before winter break, happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you have a happy one bye from fatema .j

  7. enjoy your winter break

  8. asalamualikum tr amira


  9. Mohammed.Ramadan

    teacher could you please send me the pictures of parliment hill.

  10. Teacher Amira,

    I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT WINTER BREAK!! I AM…..THATS FOR SURE……Oh Ya,teacher do the Grade 6 write a journal entry for everyday of the Winter Break?I did, because I remember you saying we have to write a journal entry everyday of the winter break, if I already did it do I have to erase it (if we weren’t suppose to do it)?……Can you PLEASE reply soon 😀

    Aliyah 🙂

    • Assalamu Allaykum Aliyah! So sorry! I just saw your comment now. For some reason, wordpress doesn’t send me every comment to my inbox, so I miss them sometimes! Yes you are right, I have asked students to write about their winter break in their journal. Every day is great! Well done!

  11. asalamualikum tr amira

    I hope your having a great winter break:)

    i had a quick question when are you testing us on the spelling beee because i wrote it on the board like you said but i cant remember if it was jan 14 or jan 17 thanks

    have a great winter break:)

  12. thanks teacher amira

    i really appreciate it

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