The Maple Leaves of Kichi Makwa (from our anti-bullying day!)

(This is an interview with the author of the book we listened to at school during anti-bullying day. Students may be interested in hearing the author speak about how he came to write it… the intro. and click on the link)


Albert Dumont dedicated his first children’s book to his grandaugthers Young Turtle Woman, Quiet Trail Morning Woman and White Bird Woman.

The Algonquin spiritual healer and poet wrote the story about 15 years ago for his daughter. But after telling the story to one of his granddaughters more recently, he decided to publish it. (She gave it a glowing review before finding out grandpa wrote it.)

Dumont hails from Kitgan Zibi. Members of his Algonquin community illustrated the book, and translated it from English to French and Algonquin.

Dumont set his book an imaginary place called Kichi Makwa. It’s a land where nobody ever complains.  He dropped by Studio 12 to tell Alan about the story behind the story.

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