What you see is not always what you get! Truth in Advertising

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  1. Teacher, the video/slideshow is not working, there is NO video of a guy comparing the food.


  2. the advertisement looked really YUMMY but actual a one was soo weird 🙂

  3. its really funny

  4. Teacher, the video/slideshow is not working, for me too and i’m using chrome

    • So I think you would need to ask your parents to download Flash player to see the slideshow. I think that’s why you aren’t able to see the images…..I can also try to put them so they are not in a slideshow and you can just see them as normal pictures insha’Allah this weekend. Take care!

      • asalamualikum tr amira,

        was there any homeowrk or did we take something new today and is the spelling bee counted on our grade:)

      • I posted the homework Lylah so you should see it. The Spelling Bee will indeed by counted for marks insha’Allah.
        Have a fabulous weekend! – Tr. Amira

  5. did we get the spelling bee booklet

  6. asalamualikum tr amira,

    sorry about the confusion i did see the blog i check it everyday 🙂 my main idea was if welearned anything new and if te spelling bee was counted on our grades ofcourse you answered my question about the spelling bee! i manily wanted to know if we missed anything and basically if we learned new things on friday

    thank you and you have an exellant weekend inshallah:)

  7. we read from Noble Brother, “The Cave”, I believe it was, and we had a quiz show on Sections 1 – 3 of the Muslim Explorers booklet in Social Studies. Take care!

    • thank you very much tr amira

      as you did the quiz show u corrected the answers too but i am not shure if i have all the correct answers and by the way the list they have on can spell isnt that for the reginal speling bee becasue the words are no simillar:)

      have a great weekend

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