Media Literacy Games & videos!

Salam students! Hope you are enjoying your day – sorry I couldn’t be with you as I am still recovering from surgery.

However, I’d like you to try out these games at school (if they don’t work, then please try them at home).

When you are done, explore the games linked to on the right side of the blog.

Enjoy and see you on Monday, insha’Allah.

Be Ad-Smart:

Internet safety:

Knowing when to turn off the TV…and when to question what you see on TV! **if you can’t hear with the volume at school, please watch at home.


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  1. Asalamualaikum tr.Amira,

    I was wondering what do we have as our school’s logo, mascot, motto, and colors.

    thank you,

  2. yes Aliyah. You’re advertising the school to others – you should think who your audience would be…

    • Oh okay so you are advertising the students! Oh I get it now so instead of Abraar Schools Logo I have to make my own….Correct? and also write info about it?

      • don’t worry so much, and don’t worry about a power point!!! you can make even a simple ad on a piece of paper and incorporate all the elements I asked for insha’Allah!

  3. Thank You teacher 🙂

    • Whoever is having difficulty can do as much as they understand and bring that to class. Whoever understands the assignment can simply bring it for tomorrow insha’Allah. As you know, I have never taken away marks from homework assignments if students really did try to do them.

      • Okay Teacher Amira, So if I do a mistake will my marks get affected? And my head is going crazy because I don’t understand but I will try my best! Can you explain it to us in class?

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