Make your own Ad for Abraar School (Grade 5 & 6)

Salam students!

To figure out how to go about making an ad, first try out this game on PBS Kids (you’ll need flash player to do it!)  – YES, I’ve just assigned a game as part of your homework! (thank me later!)

Even if you can’t access the game, here are the things I’ll be looking for in your ad (aka-also known as- assignment requirements!):

1/ Choose a slogan

2/Choose an image (either from the online world, or one you make up yourself)

3/ Choose one or two grab words : (for eg. FUN-UCATIONAL!  COOL!)

4/ Write the ad copy ” Going to Abraar School makes you feel…..”

5/ Place the ad – on a bus/billboard/magazine/…you should know your possibilities!

Email me or comment below if you’re not sure what to do! This is due on Monday for both grades insha’Allah!

Tr. Amira



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  1. asalamualikum tr amira,

    I hope you are feeling ok and i had to ask you do we actually have to take a paper or a t- shirt or record something and bring it to school on monday for homeword its basically an assignment right?

    well thank you soo much i hope you have a great and restful weekend

  2. Asalamualaikum tr.Amira,

    As far as I understood, we have to make up a slogan, not use the slogan Abraar currently has. Am I correct?

    Thank you,

  3. Teacher Amira,

    I still don’t understand what to do. Can you please explain it to me?

    Aliyah 🙂

  4. we can use power point right

  5. it’s an ad. So make an ad on behalf of the school in any way. you can use power point to show the image but it is just one poster , not many.

  6. try the pbs game aliyah..that should make it clear in your mind if you can.

  7. can we video tape us advertising and if not i will just type and print

    thank you

  8. yes, if you can videotape that would be great!! wa’Allaykum al Salam!

  9. ..I should add that you will have to have someone in the video holding up the slogan, and all the other required elements somehow….

  10. Tr.Amira can we make a Role-Play?

    • Salam Maheen, you need to have an image, slogan, cool words, etc. so it will be difficult to have that with a role play unless you work it into the role play and someone holds those things.

  11. asalamualaikum tr.Amira,

    I’m don’t understand step number five.

    Thank you,

  12. how do we do number five ?

  13. i don’t get this project i am getting confused ?

  14. tr.amira can you please explain this to me

  15. Bassima Ramadan

    assalamu alikum teacher amira,

    i hope your feeling better inshaallah, i would like to ask you if you can make a movie.

    thank you,


  16. So guys – when you make the ad – you have to “place” , so think of where the ad would go — would it go on TV (if so then you would have a video with all the elements required)…or would you put it on a bus billboard, or would you see it in a magazine.

    That’s what “Place the ad” means.

    It shouldn’t be confusing. Just follow the steps and put them into any type of ad format you prefer. This isn’t a complicated assignment, so go for simple ideas – later in the term, we will have time to explore more complex ideas insha’Allah.

    Do your best and we’ll discuss tomorrow!

  17. Mohammed Ramadan

    asalamu alikum

    teacher are we alowed to just talk in our ads for movies

  18. Salam Tr. Amira,

    Can you please add some comments on the book critique. And is it due tomorrow?


  19. i dont understand tr. but ill try doing one

  20. teacher amira,

    do you think the slogan, “spreading the light of knowledge & islam” is good

  21. were do we write the ad copy?

  22. salam teacher Amira

    I left early on friday and no one explained it to me and as you wrote it on the blog I also did not understand so I dont know what to do

  23. salam teacher Amira

    i’m getting confused eventhough i played the pbs game

    thank you,

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