LA Homework for Grade Six

Critic’s Corner:

Complete reading a book 50 pages or more (appropriate grade level)

On separate sheets of lined paper:

Name of Book Critic: ____your name__


Author:                   Illustrator:

Summary: (Minimum five paragraphs)

Best Character (why):

Worst Character (why):

What you liked/ didn’t like :  Mention structure (how does the author put the story together)  , plot (interesting twists, mysteries, characters ),    , writing style (types of words, pace, ),   other thoughts.

Who would you recommend this story to:  (other sixth graders, kids who like sports, etc.)

Due Tuesday.


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  1. What do i do if there is no worst character

  2. If you liked all the characters, you can say so…. : ) must be a good book!

  3. lets say a book has 20 chapters. would it be okay to write 10 paragraphs

  4. Is the Percy Jackson Books a good book for the critic’s corner assignment?

  5. Teacher Amira, can we have the project due Wednesday So everyone can have time to do all of the requirements? Do we have to do a presentation in front of the class for the assignment?

    • We’ll keep the critique due on Tuesday insha’Allah as it wouldn’t be fair to change the due date after letting everyone know when to have it ready by.

      There isn’t a presentation expected.

  6. asalamualikum tr amira

    do you have any good books in mind i just cant seem to find such an interesting one


    have a great weekend

  7. assamualaikum teacher amira,

    i can’t seem to find a good book to write about can you please change the due date to wednesday

    thank you

    Bassima Ramadan

    • asalamualikum tr amira

      i really cant find a good book to do so can you please change it to wedensday


      have a great day

      – lylah

      • Salam Bassima and Lylah,
        Everyone had from the middle of last week to look for a book and start reading. Try to find something that you’ve read before, and summarize it according to the instructions.
        See you tomorrow insha’Allah!

  8. just asking whats W in the post

  9. sorry my email didn’t show the full sentence

  10. Salam Tr.Amira
    Here is the answer for the challenge question :People in Quebec speak French, because historically the French settled there at the time when Europeans were exploring North America. First French explorers were: Giovanni da Verrazano, Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain.

  11. Asalamualaikum tr.Amira,

    Do we still have to write five reasons for best character and worst character?

    Thank you,

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