In-Class/ Home Assignment


Assignment on Black Nobel Prize Winners

*Students choose one of the winners below and conduct research using information from a variety of sources to prepare a multi-media class presenation which includes:

1. medium-sized poster (half a bristol board) with key information

2. a brochure with the information in more detail using effective writing skills (with a focus on grammar rules and spelling)

3.  A complete bibliography which includes a list of at least 5 sources and their description

and 5 sources that they DID NOT use (and explaining why)

4. Any other media (power point, video, slide show) to assist in the presentations which will begin on Wednesday, 29 February.

 Nobel Prize for Economics Sciences

  1. Arthur Lewis (Saint Lucia)

Nobel Prize for Literature

  1. 1986 Wole Soyinka (Nigeria)

  1. 1992 Derek Walcott (Saint Lucia)

  1. 1993 Toni Morrison (United States)

Nobel Peace Prize

  1. 1950 Ralph Bunche (United States)

  1. 1960 Albert Lutuli (South Africa)

  1. 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. (United States)

  1. 1978 Anwar al Sadat (Egypt)

  1. 1993 Nelson Mandela (South Africa)

  1. 1984 Desmond Tutu (South Africa)

  1. 2001 Kofi Annan (Ghana)

  1. 2004 Wangari Maathai (Kenya)

  1. 2009 Barak Obama (United States)

  1. 2011 Ellen Sirleaf (Liberia)

  1. 2011 Leymah Gbowee (Liberia)


Black History Month Assignment



– with limited effectiveness

Level 2

-with some effectiveness

Level 3


Level 4

-beyond the expectations

Oral Skills: Presentation Strategies
1.9 identify a variety of presentation strategies used in oral texts and analyse their effect on the audience
Media Literacy: Producing Media Texts
3.4 produce a variety of media texts for
specific purposes and audiences, using appropriate forms, conventions, andtechniques


Reading: Responding to and Evaluating Texts

1.8 make judgements and draw conclusions about ideas in texts and cite stated or implied evidence from the text to
support their views

Writing: Voice
2.2 establish an appropriate voice in their
writing, with a focus on modifying language and tone to suit different circumstances or audience.



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  1. Asalamualaikum tr.Amira,

    Is it necessary to start gathering information today?

    Thank you,

  2. Salam Tr.Amira
    I have a video I wan’t to show the class for the In-Class/ Home Assignment.
    It is a short bio about the person i chose.

  3. Assalamualaikum Tr. Amira,

    Do we need references for the other way of the seven years war?


  4. Assalamu Allaykum hard workers!
    Tarannum – only if you want to start….we will begin work in class tomorrow insha’Allah.
    Haleema – perfect!
    Sindeed – We will go over the Seven Years War answers tomorrow. References always help.
    Jazak’Allahu Kheiran A-club!

  5. asalamualakum,
    this is for grade 6, right?


  6. assalamu alaikum ttr. amira i have a 27.9 x 35.6 cm poster board so can i use it instead of the poster. Maliha 😉

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