Special Workshop for Grade 8 (Wed. morning)

How do you shape Canada? How does Canada shape you? We’re calling on young Canadians to explore, express, and showcase their individual and collective identities!

When do you feel most Canadian? And if you could express it creatively, through any medium, what would you create?

Defining Moments: Discovering Our Canadian Stories invites you to submit artwork that expresses your personal relationship with Canada. Offered by TakingITGlobal and supported by Canadian Heritage, Defining Moments is a national digital media arts and citizenship project, taking participants on a journey through accounts of Canadian identity.

Open to 13 to 30 year olds across the country, we will be showcasing the artwork of young Canadians here on the Defining Moments website and a traveling exhibit.

Check out the video and more information:  http://moments.tigweb.org/

Curriculum connections

D1.4 use a variety of materials, tools, techniques,
and technologies to determine solutions to
increasingly complex design challenges

D1.3 use elements of design in art works to communicate
ideas, messages, and understandings
for a specific audience and purpose

D2.2 analyse ways in which elements and principles
of design are used in a variety of art works
to communicate a theme or message, and evaluate
the effectiveness of their use on the basis
of criteria generated by the class

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  1. how come they get a workshop and we don’t. not fair 🙂

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