Grade 5 – Islamic Studies Test on pages B36 – B47 (Lesson 1 & 2)

Presentations on Ancient Civilizations begin Tuesday through to Friday insha’Allah.

* * * * * *

Grade 6 – Presenting information on Nobel winner using multi-media including slide shows, highlights from videos carry through until Friday.

Jot Note Multiple Question Quiz on Wednesday (on pages 30 – 38)


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Please ask parents to sign note about readers – The Cay for Grade 5, and Underground to Canada for Grade 6 (if you did not receive a note on Friday then please collect one on Tuesday from me!)

-Tr. Amira


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  1. Assalam ‘o alaikum sister Amira,
    I hope this note will find you in good health ,Insha Allah,just want to confirm that on what date islamic test is for lesson 1&2 ?
    Juzakum Allahu Khairun

  2. hi tr.amira plzz can you tell me the pages for comm. skills because i forgot to write them down 🙂 🙂

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