Arabic updates for Gr. 5 & 6

Grade 5/6 Fluent speakers:

Last month, the students completed two units (Friend) and (The post office). They learned new vocabulary and new expressions.  Also they did many activities related to the lessons such as (comprehension, dictation, spelling, composition and had a test). In grammar, we finished the present verbs, and plural verbs, with a test. Students memorized the poem titled The Time . The students did a wonderful job.- Tr. Amal

Grade 5/6 Arabic as a second Language:
Students learned new lessons in Arabic Class, ” Where is Salma?”, ” How you make Wudu and Pray?”, they learned new vocabularies, and how to read and write the new lines. They memorized a Hadeeth about the best Muslims, and they did
they did the exercises related to the lessons. Masha’Allah they finished the Nasheed “Our Prophet Muhammad, PBUH”.
– Tr. Hoda

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