Grade 8 Art- See and compare

copy and paste:


Click on “See and Compare”

*Read the descriptions and comparisons of each set of pictures.

Open this link in a new window:

go to page 189 and go until the end of the document to look for at least 10 new art terms that could be used to describe each set of paintings.

In your notebook:

Describe your thoughts on each set of paintings using those new terms.



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  1. teacher amira i can’t open the definitions page, everywhere i try
    it says this page is unavailable, could you help me out?
    so i can’t really do my art homework write now because i need the page above and i can’t open it

    • Assalamu Allaykum Ann,
      It’s very strange that the Ontario curriculum website isn’t working right now. Try again later today or tomorrow insha’Allah. Perhaps they are updating servers, or something similar. I’m sure it will work again before the end of March Break…..I’ll keep my eye on it. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for letting me know…

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