March Break, here we come! (with some news & homework!)

Assalamu Allaykum parents and students!

We’ve had an awesome time in Language/ Social Studies so far.

Wangari Maathai, 2004 Winner of Nobel Peace Prize was just one of the awesome people profiled by sixth graders in commemoration of Black History Month.

Sixth graders have impressed me so much, and taught me so much, with their profiles on African winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. It was amazing, masha’Allah. Many parents would have seen the lovely posters and brochures displayed during Student Led Conference Night. Rubrics will be ready when you return so we can discuss them insha’Allah.


Fifth graders also impressed me a lot with their work on Ancient Civilizations! We had a lovely time playing games, hearing interesting information and learning from each other this week. Fantastic work! Rubrics were all sent home and should be signed and returned, if not already done!

Through presentations, students had the opportunity to practice speaking clearly, learned how to engage their audience, and figured out ways to utilize resources from books and the Internet. These are excellent skills they will use throughout their student and later careers, insha’Allah!


Grade 5:

1*Please read CHAPTERS 1 & 2 ONLY from the Cay.  Prepare your dictionary list, 10 words from each chapter in your dictionary:

Chapter 1

1- word: definition

2-word: definition

3- word: definition

etc. until 10 – place the ten words in alphabetical order on the page.

Chapter 2

same thing.

Again: The words in each chapter should be organized in ALPHABETICAL order.

2* Complete Language Practice Package and correct with parents/older sibling.

Grade 6

1* Read CHAPTERS 1 & 2 ONLY and answer the comprehension questions in your folder (p. 12, 13, top of 14).  No need to read the introduction in the folder, but do read theNOTE TO THE READER by the author, and by Martin Luther King Jr. right before the chapter begins.

2* Complete the EQAO practice Language package.


And for some inspiration….congratulations to Sindeed Islam who completed six rounds at last week’s Regional Spelling Bee, masha’Allah. Here he is below, as he appeared in an Ottawa Citizen photograph. Well done to Sindeed and to all students who try their very best! Happy March Break!



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  1. Salam Tr.Amira

    remember you said that we dont have to do it in alphabetical order.

    have the best MARCH BREAK 🙂

    • Salam Zuha,
      The notebook doesn’t have to be organized in alphabetical order (so first page are the A-words, second page for B-words, etc. – but when you make your list for each chapter on each page, it should be in alphabetical order for that Chapter.
      Do your best and we can discuss when school resumes insha’Allah.

  2. Assalamualaikum Tr. Amira,

    I don’t Understand the first two chapter. It’s really confusing who is who


  3. Salam Sindeed,
    As I mentioned in class – write down a list of the characters as you re-read the chapter. Try to identify key points about the characters that will help you to recall them insha’Allah. Let me know if that doesn’t help.
    Thanks for communicating with me. That is really important.

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