Grade 8 Art In-Class Assignnment

With a partner, choose a theme from one of these below:





Sports/ Athleticism

1. Generate/ Brainstorm  questions about the theme that will help you and your partner decide what to create, for example:

– what do we know about this theme?

– what would we like to express?

– how could we express this – what tools would we need?

2. Choosing at least 10 terms from p. 189 curriculum

create a plan of how you will create your image.  You and your partner should have a plan for your own unique image, though they are along the same theme.

Also, choose an artist that you will be mimicking his/ her style from the artists listed below.

3. Create the plan like this:

Image:  A tree dying

Part I

1. Advancing colour: I will use green paint to show advancing colour moving upwards from the ground to the tree

2. Allegory: There will be an imaginary wood cutter standing behind the tree, appearing as though he will be chopping it down. He has an evil look at on his face.

and so on.

Part II

The artist we will be mimicking will be L.L. Fitzgerald, Don Snyder House. The elements we will be incorporating will include: …..

Here is the link for the artists featured in the last assignment:

Curriculum outline:

D2.2. analyse ways in which elements and principles
of design are used in a variety of art works
to communicate a theme or message, and evaluate
the effectiveness of their use on the basis
of criteria generated by the class

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