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Assalamu Allaykum all!

Grade 5 & 6 – Speech competition competitors must be ready for Monday. Monday and Tuesday we will be going through the speeches for a class vote – and teacher vote insha’Allah. (written speeches included).

Students who are not trying out for the competition will need to be ready with written speeches on April 20.

I will be looking for our typical topic sentences, supporting details, strong intro. and conclusion.


Grade 5

The Cay Quiz on Chapters 5 – 8


Complete Chapter Definitions until Chapter 8 for 5-10 words for Tuesday.

Noble Brother words/definitions and sentences due on Friday, April 20.

Discussion Elements Project  postponed   to Thursday, April 19.

Grade 6

Undreground Railroad Vocabulary and up to Chapter 9 comprehension questions due on Wednesday.

Discussion Elements Project  postponed   to Thursday, April 19.




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  1. than you soo much 🙂

  2. salam tr amira,
    my speech is about 2 pages and you sai d it had to be 3 pages so i want to know if its okay because i could no t find any more info

  3. Aslamualaikum tr.Amira,

    I have forgotten the sheet you gave to us at school on Friday. If you have a link to that document can you please send it to me?

    Thank you,

    • http://aflyontheclassroomwall.com/2011/01/26/writing-delivering-a-speech-grade-5/

      Writing a Speech

      So the process has begun … it’s that time of year again in my classroom: We are starting the process that will lead up to the school’s “Public Speaking Competition”.

      As we embark on this rather daunting adventure there are a few general concepts that I try to keep in mind … and share repeatedly with my students. A few of these ideas are as follows:

      (A) The Recipe:
      There is a recipe to be followed when writing a speech:

      1. The Headline – To hook or catch the audience’s attention – to tell them what your are going to be talking about.

      2. The Main Body – Main facts and supporting details

      3. The Echo – To revisit your Headline.

      (B) How to Introduce & Conclude Your Speech:

      1. Introduction
      – Share a story
      – Share a surprising/shocking statistic
      – Ask a question, share a riddle
      – Cite a popular quotation

      2. Conclusion:
      – A quote
      – A profound thought or statement
      – leave the audience with a question or a challenge
      – A summary
      – A literary device
      – Encourage a smile, share a joke

      (C) Delivering a Speech: Some Tips:

      – Remember, as my father always said, “You are the expert!”. Be confident!

      – Be natural – be you! Let your personality shine through! “How” the speech is delivered is certainly as important as what’s being said!

      – Take your time – speak at a natural pace – don’t rush

      – Speak clearly – Enunciate every word

      – Stand tall – use deliberate gestures (but don’t over do it!)

      – Avoid reading from your notes. Make eye contact – engage your audience.

      – If you make a mistake just move on … No one else knows that you have made a mistake! Just keep it your little secret.

      – Don’t chew gum!

      – Don’t fidget!

      – Dress the part.

      – Enjoy being the centre of attention

  4. Can i compete for the speech competition?
    i tought about it and i’ll give it a try :)!!!!!!!!1111

  5. Salaam Tr. Amira, I finished writing my speech, while my mom was timing me. When I was done it was 5min 40sec, I will edit and remove some sentences but will points be taken off if it is over 5 minutes?

    Thanks, Sophia

  6. 🙂

  7. Teacher Amira, writing a speech is actually hard, I am confused about what I should do, can you please help me with suggestions?

    • asalamualikum tr amira

      can you please give me till tuesday to present i really want to participate and this is my onl other option

      please tr amira thank you have a great day

      • I will be drawing names out of a hat or basket Lylah, to be fair to everyone. Sorry about that. If chosen, you will have lots of time before the competition insha’Allah.

  8. how long does the speech have to be if I am not in the speech competition…like how many pages???

  9. Hi tr.amira,
    for the speeches due tomorrow, i wrote my name on the board but im not going to do it so im going to be doing it on friday april 20th

    2- i dont have a dictionary for the cay words so may i do it in class? because my sister didnt have time to go buy it and the store was far from my home, so sorry. { please reply bacck }


    • yes, you can do it in class and also borrow a dictionary if necessary Fatema. Thank you for letting me know about your decision for the speech competition. See you tomorrow insha’Allah : )

    • yes, you can do it in class and also borrow a dictionary if necessary Fatema. Thank you for letting me know about your decision for the speech competition. See you tomorrow insha’Allah : )

  10. Bassima Ramadan

    Assalamualaikum teacher Amira,

    I am not feeling so well and have a doctors appointment today so i decided to tell you before

    hand. Hope you had a great weekend.

    Thank you,

    Jazzakumallahu Khairan

    Bassima Ramadan

  11. salam

    tr amria my speech is 6 min or so and if i am selected i will trim it is just becuase of the vibe
    so will i be penalized because i tried before it was 7 min then i trimmed and then it became
    6 so can i keeep it and then later trim it please

    thanks 🙂

  12. Salam tr.

    can you tell me what topics i can choose cause i dot know


  13. search for speech competition in the category search bar, on right hand of the screen, or scroll down because i posted the list on Saturday.

  14. salam tr.amira, i wanted to ask you, whe are you going to tell the two or three people who are in/got the most votes? If you want can you tell me please? ( its ok if you say no because i wanted it also to be a surprise:) ) ( this is for the speech comepition )


    Fatema.j 🙂

  15. Salam Fatema J., We had great speeches as you know and Jalal, Yusuf, and Abdalrhman made it to the next round, masha’Allah. All the speeches had very strong elements as you saw and I hope the entire class tries for the competition next year insha’Allah.

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