Community Day tomorrow! Please look your best : )

Assalamu Allaykum,

We are delighted that tomorrow Abraar students will get to meet these distinguished guests, insha’Allah*:

Sgt. Renuka D. & Cst. Abdul A. (RCMP)

Dr. Rabia S. (Dentist)

Dr. Fahad A. (Brain Surgeon)

Ms. Amera S. (Sales Representative)

Ms. Hawazin B.(Master’s Degree Student)

Ms. Shermeen N. (PHD student)

Mr. Peter C. (Fire Department)

Ms. Susan B. (Public Health Nurse)

Ms. Sara E. (Artist)

+ Our City Mayor!

Please be sure students are well-dressed and mindful of their roles as ambassadors of our school, and community.

Fifth-graders will be interviewing the guests for profiles they will be writing to be included in a time capsule as part of their Ancient Civilizations unit.

It will be fun, insha’Allah!

*Last names have been abbreviated to maintain online privacy.

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  1. salam tr.amira
    do u have the vocabulary we had for noblebrother cause i forgot my paper?

  2. No 😦 can you call someone — or if anyone is reading this, they can post it insha’Allah. Thank u!

  3. ok sure ill call someone

  4. i’ll call tarannum

  5. i know them now thanks teacher , and tarannum

  6. are we allowed to bring any cameras or ipods to school, reallyyyyyy want to take a picture with the mayor 🙂 🙂
    and the others .

  7. nope. we’ll be taking pictures and share insha’Allah.

  8. Dis you get my article that lylah sent to you? Can you PLEASE send it to Muslim Link?

  9. salam tr
    I wasnt here on friday the last two periods so i dont know what to do with the community day homework for gr 6

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