Art – Grade 8 In-Class Test

1. What are cool colors? Why are they used?

2. What are warm colors? Why are they used?

3. What is a close up?

4. Name 3 elements of design and what they do.

5. Name the types of ground planes.

6. Give an example of balance.

7. What is the dictionary definition for color?

8. Name 3 Landscape artists.

9. What is a landscape? Name the 3 styles for painting. (i.e Watercolors)

10. What is a proportion? Give clear example.

11. What is exaggeration? Give clear example.



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  1. Salam,
    Tr. Amira
    I saw the muslim link newspaper online and I saw my article

  2. i did two interviews – one on the islamic high school program, one about yoga, and another article on a political commentator talking about “collective politics”….. : ) your article looked great….can’t wait to see the actual newspaper isa. good work to you and all the students!

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