Interactive Maps – Understanding how colour can illustrate information

Click on Physical Systems:

1/ Click on Ocean Surface Currents (OSC):  How do map makers use colour to explain the currents on the map?

2/Unclick OSC, click on Chlorophyll. Read the explanation and explain why scientists need to map levels of cholorophyll?

Now that you know how to click and unclick different map characteristics, explore each of the remaining categories for both physical and human systems.

Write a reflection on each category on how it relates to us in Ottawa / Canada. For example, you can write something like this: 

Physical System: Climate

“I can see on the map that Ottawa is in a Humid Cold Climate because it is all in light purple. The legend explains this.”


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  1. Can we add information?

  2. My computer won’t let the map show me the colors for ” Surface Air Temp”, for both summer and winter!

  3. ok, you can do the others isa Zainab.

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