Warm Fuzzies

What are Warm Fuzzies?

Warming messages of friendliness to someone expressing a kind message to show gratitude toward one person or a whole group of people.

(adapted From the Urban dictionary).

You may have heard that grade five and six students are preparing warm fuzzies for each other as a way to say goodbye after a fruitful school year, elhamdullilah.

How it works:

Girls write at least one thoughtful and kind note for every female student in their class from now until the end of the year.  Boys do the same for each other.  On the last day of school, they will open up their fuzzy wuzzy bags to discover how appreciated they are by their class.

And everyone will have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside :  ) As Muslims, we should always show our gratefulness to our friends!

-Tr. Amira


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  1. Do we have to wear uniform on the french field trip because it is the LAST Toonie Tuesday?

  2. can our group do singapore

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