Homework (5 & 6)

Grade 5 Assignment

Complete third draft of the Cay for Wednesday.

If you have not received it yet, see Tr. Amira on Monday.

Grade 6 Assignment – Selling our product abroad: Step 5 

Find out the currency where your headquarters are based.

Convert one unit of that currency into one unit of the currency in the country you are selling to.

Set a price for your product using both currencies.

Due Monday!


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  1. salam tr amira

    how do you find a U.K dollar i am having trouble

    thank you have a great weekend

  2. salam teacher


    hope you had a great time at the BBQ

  3. thnx Lylah, I actually had wanted to rest at home! but I had to take my daughters
    : ) elhamdullilah for everything!

  4. is the time correct on the blog now?

  5. awesome site. remind me to tell the students to check it out Zainab, jazak’Allahu kheiran!

  6. Asalamualaikum tr.Amira,

    When is the movie review due?

    Thank you,

  7. We’ll be working on it in-class only insha’Allah Tarannum! Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! (not like me, here on the computer screen!)

  8. tr does the movie review have to be five paragraphs or can it be 4

  9. character, setting, tension, climax, resolution — so with an intro. and conclusion, it would be at least seven actually Maliha! But we’ll be working on it in class insha’Allah.

  10. salamualikum tr.amira

    for the commercial thing do we have to present it infront of the class ?

  11. it will be presented in front of a different grade insha’Allah Doua.

  12. Salamuakaikum Tr. Amira,
    Will the due date for the movie review be on Monday, or will we work on it at school?
    Sorry for bothering you on a Saturday evening.
    Sophia 😀

  13. no worries Sophia. We’ll work on it in class insha’Allah so don’t worry about it this weekend!

  14. but teacher what if i made an animation do i still have to present it infront of the classes

    • tr amira is it ok if we made a thing were the people aid they saw a commercial so a person comes and delivers the prodoct

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