Communication Skills – Grade 5 / Social Studies Grade Six

Practice makes perfect!

Homework for Thursday :  )   You’re not the A Club for nothing!

p. 62 – 64




Social Studies Grade Six

Complete the UN questions.


Tr. Amira

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  1. Fareda Jaffer

    Salaam alaikum tr.Amira

    This is Omar hashmi’s mom. Just following up as we spoke in the hallway about the ski trip pictures. You had mentioned you might have a cd with them..



    Salams Tr. Amira,

    Can you please tell me if we are allowed to wear non-uniform tomorrow during our field trip, and weather or not we can bring electronics (iPods, cameras, etc.)

    Sophia Kandar 🙂

  3. Salam Tr. Amira,
    Are we suposed to were uniform to the field trip?




    summer’s gunna be so boring, imma miss school 😥

  6. you’ve got to find things to do to keep you busy Sophia!

  7. salam Lylah, don’t worry time will fly by! Take the opportunity of your free time to learn a new hobby, sewing, knitting, cooking,etc…! Here’s an important hadith about taking advantage of all your time to benefit yourself, family,etc.:

    The Prophet (pbuh) said:
    “Take benefit of five before five:
    your youth before your old age,
    your health before your sickness,
    your wealth before your poverty,
    your free-time before your preoccupation,
    and your life before your death.”

    and I’ll try to post reading lists & useful sites insha’Allah. School will start soon enough insha’Allah!

    • thanks teacher amira for your help 🙂

      have a great day today inshallah are you going to see the fireworks today

  8. hope so insha’Allah 🙂 I’ll look for you!!!

    • yah inshallah where are u going to parliment 🙂 or somewhere else cause there was so big celebration it was fire works there are soo many people we are leaving now

      hope you have a great time inshallah asalamualikum 🙂


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