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Communication Skills – Grade 5 / Social Studies Grade Six

Practice makes perfect!

Homework for Thursday :  )   You’re not the A Club for nothing!

p. 62 – 64




Social Studies Grade Six

Complete the UN questions.


Tr. Amira


Homework (5 & 6)

Grade 5 Assignment

Complete third draft of the Cay for Wednesday.

If you have not received it yet, see Tr. Amira on Monday.

Grade 6 Assignment – Selling our product abroad: Step 5 

Find out the currency where your headquarters are based.

Convert one unit of that currency into one unit of the currency in the country you are selling to.

Set a price for your product using both currencies.

Due Monday!

Warm Fuzzies

What are Warm Fuzzies?

Warming messages of friendliness to someone expressing a kind message to show gratitude toward one person or a whole group of people.

(adapted From the Urban dictionary).

You may have heard that grade five and six students are preparing warm fuzzies for each other as a way to say goodbye after a fruitful school year, elhamdullilah.

How it works:

Girls write at least one thoughtful and kind note for every female student in their class from now until the end of the year.  Boys do the same for each other.  On the last day of school, they will open up their fuzzy wuzzy bags to discover how appreciated they are by their class.

And everyone will have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside :  ) As Muslims, we should always show our gratefulness to our friends!

-Tr. Amira

Grade 5

Comparative Essay on The Cay – first draft due on Monday

Islamic Studies – Unit C, Chapter 2 & 3

Do Lesson Reviews, page 50 from workbook due on Tuesday

Thursday will be a test on both chapters

French Grammar Test on Monday

Math Test on Wednesday

Quran ayat 23 – 33 Surat Al Qalam

Sign The Cay Quiz ch. 11 -1 2

Noble Brother vocabulary words with definitions due on Friday (Test as well)

Grade 6

Communication Skills

Social Studies assignment both due Monday

Please complete any missing Underground to Canada / EQAO – signed by parents for Monday

Rest up for EQAO :  )

Interactive Maps – Understanding how colour can illustrate information

Click on Physical Systems:

1/ Click on Ocean Surface Currents (OSC):  How do map makers use colour to explain the currents on the map?

2/Unclick OSC, click on Chlorophyll. Read the explanation and explain why scientists need to map levels of cholorophyll?

Now that you know how to click and unclick different map characteristics, explore each of the remaining categories for both physical and human systems.

Write a reflection on each category on how it relates to us in Ottawa / Canada. For example, you can write something like this: 

Physical System: Climate

“I can see on the map that Ottawa is in a Humid Cold Climate because it is all in light purple. The legend explains this.”

Grade 5 Explore Map of Ancient Egypt

copy and paste into your browser.

Look for the Ancient Egypt link.

Read the instructions, listen to the details!

Grade 5 – if you have colour pencils & rulers at home…

Please bring to school on Tuesday insha’Allah.

Bloomfield students challenged by mail race : news story

The Great Canadian Mail Race – Our fifth graders are participating.

Here’s a related news story about other classes doing the same!

Bloomfield students challenged by mail race | – news that matters to prince edward island.

Homework Grade 5 & 6

Grade 5:

Both for Wednesday: The Cay Quiz – practice with online site for chapters 9 & 10

Dictionary words until Chapter 14

For tomorrow: Speech redo’s for students whose speeches too short

Grade 6:

Earth Day Writing assignment for Thursday

For Wednesday: Underground Railroad Chapter 10 & 11 Comprehension questions and dictionary

p. 83 & 84 Comm skills

Homework Updates

Assalamu Allaykum all!

Grade 5 & 6 – Speech competition competitors must be ready for Monday. Monday and Tuesday we will be going through the speeches for a class vote – and teacher vote insha’Allah. (written speeches included).

Students who are not trying out for the competition will need to be ready with written speeches on April 20.

I will be looking for our typical topic sentences, supporting details, strong intro. and conclusion.


Grade 5

The Cay Quiz on Chapters 5 – 8

Complete Chapter Definitions until Chapter 8 for 5-10 words for Tuesday.

Noble Brother words/definitions and sentences due on Friday, April 20.

Discussion Elements Project  postponed   to Thursday, April 19.

Grade 6

Undreground Railroad Vocabulary and up to Chapter 9 comprehension questions due on Wednesday.

Discussion Elements Project  postponed   to Thursday, April 19.