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End-of-year Celebration

Assalamu Allaykum Respected Parents,

Elhamdullilah the end of year celebration is upon us and I would like to confirm if your son/daughter will be able to attend the event which will take place on Saturday, June 23 at 10 a.m. insha’Allah.

Please send me a note if your son/daughter will NOT be able to attend for any reason so that we can take this into account. Jazak’Allahu Kheiran for your constant support.

Tr. Amira


Parenting Workshop May 16

The Earl of March School Council is hosting an evening presentation on
parenting teens.  Richard Voss from CHEO will be focusing on
communication and parenting strategies for dealing with adolescents.
Everyone is welcome!

Date:  Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Place:  Earl of March Secondary School Auditorium
Time:  7:00 – 9:00pm

Refreshments will be served.

For more information, please visit Earl’s School Council website:

Community Day tomorrow! Please look your best : )

Assalamu Allaykum,

We are delighted that tomorrow Abraar students will get to meet these distinguished guests, insha’Allah*:

Sgt. Renuka D. & Cst. Abdul A. (RCMP)

Dr. Rabia S. (Dentist)

Dr. Fahad A. (Brain Surgeon)

Ms. Amera S. (Sales Representative)

Ms. Hawazin B.(Master’s Degree Student)

Ms. Shermeen N. (PHD student)

Mr. Peter C. (Fire Department)

Ms. Susan B. (Public Health Nurse)

Ms. Sara E. (Artist)

+ Our City Mayor!

Please be sure students are well-dressed and mindful of their roles as ambassadors of our school, and community.

Fifth-graders will be interviewing the guests for profiles they will be writing to be included in a time capsule as part of their Ancient Civilizations unit.

It will be fun, insha’Allah!

*Last names have been abbreviated to maintain online privacy.

Reminder: Town Hall for parents tomorrow!

Please remember that Principal Mohammed Saleem has invited parents of various grades to come in for “Town Halls”. Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 2nd, parents of fifth and sixth graders are invited to offer general feedback & suggestions in an open and informal setting.

It will run from 3:30 p.m. – 4 :30 p.m. insha’Allah. Hope to see you there.

-Tr. Amira

Bi-weekly updates!

Assalamu Allaykum parents & Students!

Grade 5 Language:

Lots of work on The Cay Reader which we have completed reading now. We will continue with comprehension and new vocabulary words.

We’ve also worked on Communication Skills with a focus on irregular verbs.

More LA Grammar practice and Noble Brother vocabulary as well.

We are writing letters to participate in a Canadian Mail Race which encourages students to send letters to each other across Canada.

Finally, we completed listening to each other’s speeches and received coaching on how to delivery strong, convincing ones!

Grade 5 Islamic Studies

We’ve wrapped our unit on Prophet Salih (allahyi al Salam)

Grade 5 Art

We will continue with our Greek artwork. We will need a lot of newspapers/ paper flyers for paper mache this Friday. Please send along with your son/ daughter on Friday.

Grade 6 Language

We continue with EQAO preparations, by reviewing our questions and learning how to “beef” up our answers with strong evidence from text, as well as our ideas.

We were fortunate to receive a surprise visit from a two-time Martial Arts World champion originally from Iraq which provided a perfect opportunity to practice asking questions and we are now going to write a news article based on his visit. Perfect timing!

Underground to Canada reader is ongoing with comprehension exercises and vocabulary. Noble Brother vocabulary has also been assigned in order to enlarge the students’ language toolbox.

We also completed our speeches and learned a lot about fantastic subjects that are timely and relevant to all of us! Great work to one and all.

Grade 5 & Grade 6 Social Studies will resume next week, as speech competitions took up much time.

Grade 5/6 Arabic as a second Language:
Students learned new lessons in Arabic Class, ” Khadeejah bint Khowailed ( R)”,  they learned new vocabularies, and how to read and write the new lines,  and they are doing exercises related to the lessons. Students had vocabulary and nasheed test.Masha’Alalh they did wonderful job in Arabic Festival.                                                                                                                                                    –       Tr. Hoda
More updates on other subjects will be posted as they are made available insha’Allah!
Upcoming events:
Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre was postponed to Tuesday, May 8 at 8:45 – 9:45 a.m.insha’Allah.
Fundraising Dinner May 13
Talent Show May 18
Best wishes!
Tr. Amira

Note from PST on hot lunch

Assalamu allaykum Dear Parents,

It has brought to our attention that there is a mistake on our hot lunch day this week. We apologize for that ,kindly note that the hot lunch for this week is Friday, April 27th 2012 instead of Thursday April 27th 2012 .

Thank you,
PST Abraar

Grade 6 Language/Social Studies update*

*Other Grade 6 updates will be sent to parents shortly, insha’Allah.


Over the past weeks, students practiced EQAO language booklets, as well as readings from “Underground to Canada”. Comprehension questions for the book, as well as vocabulary words, will assist students in improving their skills.  We have also done a lot of work on learning the key parts of Listening/Speaking skills.  Students practiced the skills, and are creating multi-media presenations on aspects of the “Discussion Elements” they have learned and were quizzed on. Tr. Amira

 Social Studies:

We have wrapped up our Aboriginal Unit with a documentary, and also hope to welcome a Muslim Aboriginal woman answer questions the students may still have on the topic. We will shortly begin a new unit on Canada and the World Connections which will carry through to June, insha’Allah.



Bi-weekly updates for Grade 5


We have been working on “The Cay” . Students have enjoyed listening to an audio recording of the story. Students have had practice with comprehension questions, and have been working on their dictionaries to include new vocabulary. Grade five has also been working on learning various discussion skills, through quizzes and through a multi-media project.

Social Studies/ Islamic Studies:

We’ve continued our analysis of Ancient civilizations through group discussions, and through watching videos and taking notes. We’ve integrated with Islamic Studies (learning about Ubar – the ancient city of the people of ‘Ad), and will soon be learning about the Ancient people of Thamud.


We started talking about decimals (how to represent them in different ways, addition, subtraction, and money). All this was covered in chapters 2 and 4 , where students were tested on. Now we are almost at the end of chapter 9 – decimal multiplication and a test should be coming soon. Next we will start decimal division, chapter 10. – Tr.Heifa


We are almost at the end of the Human Body Unit. Grade 5 students are enjoying a program called P4B. Ask your child about it :)- Tr.Heifa


More integration here with the students creating ancient Greek vases – clay pottery which we have recently painted. We’ve done several pieces of art related to Ancient times and we will continue to do artwork exploring this theme. Next we’ll be scuplting Greek animals and so we will need each student to bring at least two long paper towel rolls, and 6 paper toilet rolls and some newspapers cut into long strips for paper-mache. These will be needed for April 27 insha’Allah.


The grade 5 and 6 girls are learning about personal safety. We are talking about how to be safe and how to take care of younger siblings as well as themselves if they are alone. Also how to defend themselves incase being approached by strangers. Also we are talking about effects of alcohol (physical and emotional). Also discusses it from Islam/Muslim point of view. Also why is the consumption of alcohol forbidden for Muslims and how alcohol was also forbidden in many of the other religions. – Tr.Heifa

Boys have learned about sun safety & how to behave when alone at home.


The grade 5 and 6 girls are having fun with two programs being run by students. The first program, ran by Mariam and Fatima A in grade 5, is soccer. Mariam’s dad – Jazah Allah Khayran- helps coaching Mariam and she coaches the girls. The grade 5 and 6 girls are getting much better when passing, kicking a ball low, mid high or high. They know the different positions in a field and keep up with that. The second program is self-defense, to run along with the health unit of defending yourself if being attacked. This program is run by Noor in grade 6 (black belt in Taekwondo) and Maheen in grade 5 ( blue belt in Taekwondo). The girls are learning tricks and techniques of moving fast, how to kick high, and other was. Noor is getting ideas and moves from her Taekwondo instructor to help our class. Way to go girls 🙂 – Tr.Heifa


We are working on Surat Al-Haqqah. For March, the best memorizers and reciters were: 1- Omar Saleem. 2- Abdurrahman Hilal. 3- Zuha Rahmatullah. -Tr. Samia

Grade 5/6 Arabic as a second Language:

Students learned new lessons in Arabic Class, ” The computer”, ” The story of the Train”, they learned new vocabulary, and how to read and write the new lines. They memorized a new Nasheed ” Unshoodat Alnajaah”, and they did the exercises related to the lessons. – Tr. Hoda Grade

5/6 Fluent Speakers news and French news coming shortly, insha’Allah.

Collect and donate your gently used toys!

**From Teacher Hamdi – SK Teacher **

Assalamu Allaykum

Dear Parents,

We are holding our annual Toy Sale to help raise money for The Senior Kindergarten graduation. To assist us in our cause,we kindly request that you donate your gently used toys. The Toy Sale event will take place in the Abraar School Gym on Friday March 29, 2012.

Due to lack of space we kindly ask that you bring the collected toys on the day of the sale.

Jazakum Allahu khairan for your cooperation.

Tr. Hamdi


Parents autographs required…..!

* On Grade 5 Rubrics (must be returned Friday if already handed to students)

* On Grade 6 Social Studies Quizzes

* Discipline Plan handed out to all upper grades by Principal Mohammed.

* Librarian note about Readers (if not returned yet)

Jazak’Allahu Kheiran one and all!

Tr. Amira