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Grade 5 Homework!

********please remember that Friday November 18 is a PD Day, insha’Allah ****************

Due Wednesday:  

French Test on Vocabulary & the Story about “Bridget”

LA – Complete Movie write-up if class work was incomplete.

All rubrics for persuasive letter should be signed; some students have not received their mark as yet, this will be coming shortly.

Due Thursday:

(Fluent Arabic Speakers) Rough copy of assigned work

Islamic Studies: p.A37 in textbook , Think Critically #1 & 2 , Lesson Review q# 1- 4

Due Monday:

Islamic Studies: Write Allah Subhan’wa Taala’s 99 Names in Arabic and English on a standard sized poster to later be hung or displayed at school & later at home!

LA:  Re-write persuasive letter if Teacher Amira requested you to do so. 

Due Tuesday:

Quran Surat Nuh


Grade 5 Homework

Municipal services test on Friday

Arabic in Tr. Hoda’s class: Reading test

Quran:  Ayas 22-24 of current surah


Grade 5 Homework

Grade 5 Homework

Students who did not complete Reading Comprehension questions in class can complete it for Wednesday please.

Challenge question: Describe a black hole? Bring the answer hand-written  to school on Wednesday. Answer should be a brief paragraph only.

Social Studies – Grade 5

Find out the names and political parties of the candidates of your riding for Thursday. Please write it into your social studies duotang.

Quran – Surah Al Jinn, Ayah 6 – 10 – Grade 5

Note: Islamic Studies Quiz – for students who missed the quiz on Monday will be held on Thursday instead.

Housekeeping: Every student requires dividers for their binders by next Monday please. Thank you.

Tr. Amira