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Homework updates (Grades 5 & 6)

Grade 5 –

Information on your ancient civilization

Structures, beliefs, clothing, food, interesting facts, time lines, sports!

Please have everything ready for poster book on Wednesday.

Student portfolios – bring in a photograph of yourself!

Islamic Studies Quiz on Monday, deadline extended.

Grade 6-

Finish off posters on Wednesday

Be ready to also complete brochures

Jot notes due on Monday (p. 31-38), deadline extended.



LA Homework for Grade Six

Critic’s Corner:

Complete reading a book 50 pages or more (appropriate grade level)

On separate sheets of lined paper:

Name of Book Critic: ____your name__


Author:                   Illustrator:

Summary: (Minimum five paragraphs)

Best Character (why):

Worst Character (why):

What you liked/ didn’t like :  Mention structure (how does the author put the story together)  , plot (interesting twists, mysteries, characters ),    , writing style (types of words, pace, ),   other thoughts.

Who would you recommend this story to:  (other sixth graders, kids who like sports, etc.)

Due Tuesday.

Say “Cheese!” on Wedensday, January 11 – Picture Day!


January 9, 2012

Subject: School Picture Day

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

I hope and pray that this finds you and your family in the best of health and iman. Wednesday,
January 11, 2012 has been scheduled as PICTURE DAY for Abraar School. Two photographers
from Carpe-Diem will be at our school to take the pictures.

ALL students will be photographed individually and in a group or class setting on Picture Day.
Proofs of individual photographs will be sent home with students and parents may select
packages after previewing proofs.

It is MANDATORY for all students to be in school uniform for the picture day. Please make
sure that your child is dressed in a clean, well-ironed uniform to appear their best for their school

With best wishes,

Mohammed Saleem, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.
School Principal

Spelling Bee info. for you buzzzzzy bees!

Assalamu Allaykum everyone!

Hope you are having a restful winter break!

Here’s an important message from Spelling Bee coordinator:


Dear Parents & Students!

This is an important message to students preparing for the spelling bee.

As you know, there will be two spelling bees. One will be held in-class
for all Grade  4 – 8  students mid-January. The study list for the in-class bee is the word list for the student’s grade only.

The top 3 performing students, who are willing to participate, will
advance to the school bee on January 24th. The school bee will be a test of knowledge based on spelling words from all word lists (grades 1-8).

Students who wish to advance to the school bee should start studying the
additional word lists NOW to maximize their study time. : ) 

I hope this clarifies the issue. If you have further questions, please
email Tr. Kherta at:

Jazakum Allahu khayran for your cooperation.

I wish you all a happy and restful remainder of the break.

Tr. Kherta (co-ordinator)


Anti-bullying commercials (to discuss in class)


No Bullying Day!

Games and Videos to watch!


Homework Grade 5 & 6

Grade 5 LA:

Write about anything you read this weekend in short paragraphs that describe the 5W’s. Remember an Intro, and Conclusion.

Grade 6 LA:

Write down all you read this weekend in your journal. Include the author and title of the book/ article.  In class, we will talk more about your selections.

Optional enrichment:

Create a short report on your reading selection and include a cover page.


comic creator

Grade 5: Islamic Studies Poster

The 99 Names of Allah Subhanaw’Taala – In Arabic and English

Students write both English and the Arabic words: