Warm Fuzzies

What are Warm Fuzzies?

Warming messages of friendliness to someone expressing a kind message to show gratitude toward one person or a whole group of people.

(adapted From the Urban dictionary).

You may have heard that grade five and six students are preparing warm fuzzies for each other as a way to say goodbye after a fruitful school year, elhamdullilah.

How it works:

Girls write at least one thoughtful and kind note for every female student in their class from now until the end of the year.  Boys do the same for each other.  On the last day of school, they will open up their fuzzy wuzzy bags to discover how appreciated they are by their class.

And everyone will have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside :  ) As Muslims, we should always show our gratefulness to our friends!

-Tr. Amira


EQAO here come the Sixth-graders!

Students – if you are reading this on Monday night, you should actually be in bed! Get lots of sleep and a healthy breakfast, and bring extra healthy snacks to get through DAY 1 of the EQAO.

Remember, we start everything with Bismillah. . .

Media Literacy/ Art : Neat (free) week-long training for those aged 13 and up!

click on the poster to see it up close. If you have difficulty seeing it, let me know!

Neat websites to explore for Social Studies (Grade 5 & 6)

Students – take some time to explore! :  ) 

***Grade 6***




***Grade 5***



Grade 6 – List of websites to help with Social Studies Assignment




Grade 5

Comparative Essay on The Cay – first draft due on Monday

Islamic Studies – Unit C, Chapter 2 & 3

Do Lesson Reviews, page 50 from workbook due on Tuesday

Thursday will be a test on both chapters

French Grammar Test on Monday

Math Test on Wednesday

Quran ayat 23 – 33 Surat Al Qalam

Sign The Cay Quiz ch. 11 -1 2

Noble Brother vocabulary words with definitions due on Friday (Test as well)

Grade 6

Communication Skills

Social Studies assignment both due Monday

Please complete any missing Underground to Canada / EQAO – signed by parents for Monday

Rest up for EQAO :  )

p.s. EQAO

(I did not award students higher than a 40 on writing tasks. So students who received 40 should consider it equivalent to an A. However, parents and students can compare the complexity of their writing to the ones sampled in the link to see what a 50 or 60 would receive).

Note that I am overall quite pleased with the long writing tasks the students completed. The main area that most of the students could use more practice on is in answering short comprehension questions that require evidence from the text to support their answers. 

Multiple choice questions will be answered in class, insha’Allah.

-Tr. Amira

For Grade 6 students: Here’s what I used to assess

Assalamu Allaykum, 

Students received their most recent EQAO booklets today with my comments and mark, based on the EQAO guidelines posted below. Click on the link to see examples of student work, and what the assessors look for.

Please note that for those students who received a mark of 30 or below on your short answer questions, please “beef” up your answer using evidence from the text.


Thank you and enjoy a well-deserved weekend!

Tr. Amira

Grade 8 Art Reflection

Final Project Summary – Comparative Art

Report & Presentation

1- Prepare a title for your work (creativity and reflect your art) /2

2- Plan an intro. to explain what you will present  – theme you chose   /2

-brainstorming that went into deciding what you would do /4

3-Explain the elements of design you used  (definitions and application to your art) /10

Organization   /2

Overall marks /20


Interactive Maps – Understanding how colour can illustrate information


Click on Physical Systems:

1/ Click on Ocean Surface Currents (OSC):  How do map makers use colour to explain the currents on the map?

2/Unclick OSC, click on Chlorophyll. Read the explanation and explain why scientists need to map levels of cholorophyll?

Now that you know how to click and unclick different map characteristics, explore each of the remaining categories for both physical and human systems.

Write a reflection on each category on how it relates to us in Ottawa / Canada. For example, you can write something like this: 

Physical System: Climate

“I can see on the map that Ottawa is in a Humid Cold Climate because it is all in light purple. The legend explains this.”